7 Things You Should Know Before Going For Botox

posted by Chris Valentine

Photo by CC user oceanviewmedspa on Flickr

You may be thinking about going for Botox treatment as you’ve heard a lot about it in the media and that a lot of celebrities are using it and you too would like that celebrity youthful look. There are some things that you should know before you go for any type of Botox treatment just so you can be fully prepared and know what will happen before, during and after.

What sort of treatments are available?

There are several treatments available such as:

  • Wrinkle Relaxers
  • Anti-Ageing Botox
  • Botox Enhancement Treatment
  • Botox Fillers

What Should I Know Before Deciding to Have Botox?

1) Start off by doing some homework to make sure that Botox is definitely right for you. Discuss it in detail with your doctor as well as getting an opinion from some of the leading cosmetic surgery companies with excellent reviews, and a high trust rating. Don’t just go for the cheapest or allow just anyone to do it, as Botox is a prescription drug and should only be used by professionals. Buying a D.I.Y kit off the internet would be extremely dangerous.

2) Do some research into the different techniques and pricing. Make sure you choose someone who is very trustworthy and has fair pricing that compares with all the other pricing you’ve seen offered by the top companies. Don’t just pick one you’ve seen on a banner advert because it’s unbelievably cheap.

3) Research side effects. There could be pain, bruising or swelling. There are reports of people suffering from the above or just people who have red spots around the injection site or none of the above. Think how it would affect you personally and if that would be a concern for you.

4) Research whether there would be pain during the treatment. The simple 10-minute wrinkle relaxer procedures are reported to produce the least pain, but some of the other treatments may cause more discomfort so carefully consider which treatment would be best for you and whether you would be able to stand the discomfort.

5) Research side effects of your chosen treatment. Nobody can guarantee that these treatments are 100% safe and side effect free, so it’s important to get as many facts as you can. Some people may have a bad reaction to the treatments, whereas others may not, and unfortunately not all cosmetic surgeons are warning of this before applying the treatments. There are reports of people who have suffered lasting damage from these treatments.

6) Research how long your chosen treatment will last as they are something you have to repeat for best results, so think whether that’s something you would be happy to keep going back for and paying for.

7) Botox isn’t something you can just instantly get rid of if you decide that you don’t like it so think carefully before making a decision, and talk to your chosen specialist about any concerns.

Make sure you carefully consider all of these points so you can make an informed decision and not have any unwanted nasty surprises. Botox is only available on prescription so make sure you choose a trained professional who knows the correct technique. It may be worth a chat with an established expert who offers quality Botox Perth such as who only use trained professionals and quality products.

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