The perks of becoming a fashion stylist

posted by Chris Valentine

Becoming a fashion stylist has its advantages...

Photo by CC user Christopher Macsurak on Flickr

If fashion is your passion then there is no better career path than fashion styling. Yes the day’s may be long and you may have to sacrifice your social life but we feel having a career in the world of fashion is totally worth it. So if you’re after a career change and need some motivation read on as we discuss the top seven perks of becoming a fashion stylist.

Each job is different

Variety is the spice of life’ and a job in styling brings new challenges with each and every job or client. One of the great things about being a fashion stylist is that most briefs you take on are completely different. This keeps the job exciting and interesting. If you enjoy a challenge then fashion styling could be your calling, understanding varying personal tastes whilst adding just a hint of your own signature style can be difficult, but when you get it right it is so very rewarding.

Making people feel good

When people look good they get a real confidence boost and being a stylist can give you that warm, fuzzy feeling when you make someone feel great about the way they look. Whether it’s dressing a woman correctly for her specific body shape or revamping a client’s wardrobe, sharing your knowledge with clients to make them feel happier about the way they dress is a truly satisfying aspect of the job.

Sharing your passion

Odds are that working in the fashion industry will allow you to meet like-minded people who are just as crazy about clothing as you are. Sharing your passion with similar people who share your interests can make a job as a fashion stylist even more enjoyable.


Now we’re not saying that all fashion stylists do is shop but this is one of the most obvious perks of the job. If, like many fashionistas, you have a slight addiction to shopping then the chances are you’ll be one happy bunny doing this on a daily basis. Offering a personal shopper service is a great way of using your shopping skill to help others look and feel great. Just try and refrain from spending all your earnings whist you’re meant to be buying for others!


Another benefit of shopping for clients is you may receive discounts. This is always good for both you and your clients. Fashion stylists often get given free products to try out and style too (which no-one can complain about!).

Express your creativity

Another obvious perk of being a fashion or wardrobe stylist is that you get an outlet in which you can really express your creativity. For many people clothing is an expression of who they are as a person and channeling someone’s inner energy through clothing and accessories can be so much fun.

The world is your personal catwalk

If you’re a fashion stylist then one of the best ways of representing your personal style and brand is through what you choose to wear each day. Working as a stylist allows you to always have an excuse to push the boundaries of fashion, experiment with clothing and constantly develop your personal style. For those obsessed with clothing and accessories this is a dream come true.

As well as the points explained above there are so many other perks to a career in the fashion industry. If you feel like fashion or wardrobe styling may be your calling do not delay in making the initial steps to finding your perfect job. Remember hard work pays off and we can guarantee you will not regret making the leap.

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