7 laser hair removal myths debunked

posted by Chris Valentine

Busting laser hair removal myths is key for those hesitating on seeking this treatment

Photo by CC user SophieSiz on wikimedia commons

Are you sick and tired of traditional, ineffective hair removal techniques but still worried about taking the leap into laser hair removal? There is a huge amount of information on this innovative solution to unwanted body hair, yet unfortunately some may have become outdated over the past few years. If you’re looking for the facts, read on as we uncover the truth behind the seven most common laser hair removal myths!

Laser Treatment is Painful

This is a common misconception about laser hair removal which stems from the procedure’s humble beginnings. When the technique was originally introduced, it was performed using a flashlamp. This technology was nowhere near as developed as the lasers which are used today. As a result, the laser light would often hurt and sometimes cause the skin to burn or blister. Laser hair removal professionals now use devices which are highly developed and make the procedure virtually pain-free.

Laser Treatment is only suitable for dark hair

Until recently, this statement wasn’t a myth at all and people with blonde or red hair couldn’t benefit from laser hair treatment. This was due to the process in which the laser targets the hair. Laser hair removal works by targeting the pigment or melanin in the hair shaft. Light or red hair does not contain as much melanin as dark or black hair which made it more difficult to treat. The good news is that there are ways in which laser hair technicians will get around this obstacle. One way is to apply an oil on the area being treated which will add pigment to the hair. If in doubt as to whether you could benefit from laser hair treatment, it is always best to seek professional advice from your local clinic.

Laser hair removal is not suitable for darker skin tones

Again, this myth is based on old technology which was unsuitable for darker skin tones. Because darker skin contains more pigment, it is sometimes more difficult to treat, however, it is not impossible. The lasers used for hair removal are being improved and developed all the time to make them more effective on different skin tones, so if you have darker skin and would like to know if this technique is applicable, it is always a good idea to ask a professional laser hair technician.

Laser Hair removal is permanent

This myth can often come from companies trying to market laser hair removal as the miracle treatment which will permanently remove unwanted body hair. Unfortunately this is not the case (although it may be in the future). Laser hair removal can reduce the amount of hair that grows in the treated area by as much as 90% in some cases, but without continued treatment, the hair will grow back eventually (all be it finer and less noticeable).

Laser Treatment is expensive

Due to laser hair removal becoming more popular and more widely available than ever before, the cost of treatment is now very affordable. As with many other hair removal techniques, the cost of treatment can differ depending on a number of factors such as the area being treated or the clinic of choice The good news is that most clinics offering this service will provide a discount when you purchase a number of sessions at any one time. When you compare the amount you may need to spend on laser hair removal to the amount you may spend on other techniques like waxing per year, laser hair removal is often the most cost effective option.

The procedure is time consuming

You may think that targeting the hair follicles with a laser light involves lying still for hours on end, but you couldn’t be more wrong! Laser hair removal is an extremely quick process that can often take less time than a waxing session. Not only is the treatment often quicker than waxing, but you also need a smaller amount of sessions per year meaning less time spent in the clinic and more time enjoying a life free of annoying fuzz.

Laser hair treatment is dangerous

Although the word ‘laser’ can seem quite daunting to some people, laser hair removal is no more dangerous than a waxing session. As with any cosmetic procedure, there are potential risks and side effects that can occur, however, these are usually explained prior to your session and are extremely rare. Reputable clinics and technicians performing laser hair removal will often thoroughly test your skin’s suitability before treatment to reduce the risk of any adverse side effects to your health.

Hopefully the above information has shed some much needed light on the wonder that is laser hair removal. If you are still considering laser hair treatment and would like further information, the best advice is to book a consultation with your preferred laser hair technician. Consultations are often the easiest way to answer any questions and ease the concerns you may have regarding the procedure.

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