10 Weird Accessories That Dominated The Fashion World Then And Now

posted by Chris Valentine

Old fashion trends always seem to make a comeback. In fact, your hoarder mother probably told you to never throw anything away because everything comes back in style. You would be surprised at how many trends we swear by today that were popular during the 60s and 70s; even the weirdest styles tend to return. The truth is, fashion always comes back around like a boomerang, and some things never go out of style.

So, we’ve decided to take a look at the ten weird accessories that were popular way back when that are still capturing the hearts of today’s trendy fashionistas.

  1. Scrunchies

Ah, the scrunchie! The 1960s favorite hair tie, created by Phillip E Meyers, became a household name in hair accessories. This thick, gentle hairband and its soft material captured the world by storm and every trendy lady had one. The scrunchie has made more than one comeback, one in 1987 when it was patented by Romy Revson, who wanted a band that could hold all of her hair while she danced the night away, and it just happened to look the part of a perfect accessory at the same time.

Today, even the most famous celebrities are rocking the scrunchie in a multitude of colors!

  1. Pearls

Pearls were a very elegant piece of jewelry back in the day. In fact, pearls were considered a rather formal accessory; pearls were the only type of jewelry a woman would wear to a funeral. Cut to modern-day, pearls are still known to be quite fancy and high-class jewelry, but have broadened their use to all occasions. The black pearl necklaces specifically have become high in demand due to their exotic, sophisticated, and mysterious look which is why the jewelers at make necklaces tailored to customer expectations at intelligent prices. This sought-after accessory is as popular now as it was, coming in the form of earrings, rings, bracelets, and pendants.

  1. Fanny Packs

This vintage trend dates back all the way to the 1870s and 1880s as a chatelaine purse also known as a small pouch that was attached to chains and worn around the waist. It didn’t take on the more prevalent term of fanny pack until the mid-20th century. This belt bag even made the list in Sports Illustrated Christmas gift guide in 1954. Today, the fanny pack has made a comeback, however, it is now an older-the-shoulder accessory, rather than a waist belt.

  1. Hair Clips

The 1980s were all about color and flash and the hair accessories were no different. Women would style their up-do with a number of hair clips on either side; they didn’t need to match. Subtlety was never the 80s strong suit, and it seems our modern world is taking a page out of their book. Trendy looks today appear to have adopted this vintage trend.

  1. Chunky White Tennis Shoes

While it seems in today’s world, the smaller the better. This doesn’t apply to tennis shoes. Back in the day, the chunkier the sneakers the better and it seems we might be coming around to that idea. Chunky white tennis shoes are growing more and more popular this decade, and you don’t even have to play tennis! Chunky shoes are simply the new look!

  1. Mom Jeans

The high-waist, loose pant jeans of the 80s. What an era the 80s fashion was. If you remember the mom jeans Brandon and Brenda wore on Beverly Hills 90210 and thought you wouldn’t be caught dead in them, don’t be so sure! The mom jeans are back and they’re for all ages! Even the most stylish celebrities are sporting this look, and pairing it up with their chunky boots!

  1. Oversized Sweaters and Blazers

Oversized clothes from the 80s are all over retail stores right now and are our personal favorite. Blazers have made a huge comeback in the last few years and all the Instagram influencers are sporting one. Oversized sweaters and blazers have somehow become the go-to style for a trendy fashionista.

  1. Puffy Sleeves

Another 80s look we thought was long gone where puffy sleeves. Well, it seems we managed to say goodbye to shoulder pads, but puffy sleeves aren’t waving the white flag just yet. Puffy sleeve tops are all the rage again and are the accessory of choice on those summer nights.

  1. Neon and Tie-dye

Neon colored outfits took the world by storm with celebrities like Madonna owns them. Tie-dye shirts and shirts were adopted by every young man in almost every 80s movie, and it seems we are quite nostalgic for it, as the neon catsuits and tie-dye style are back.

10.Striped Clothing

One of the tamer looks that we have adapted into our generation is the striped design. Striped sweaters, striped t-shirts, and striped pants are so incredibly popular in demand right now. They were the ultimate casual yet fashionable looks then, and they still remain that way today.

As weird as some of these fashion accessories may be, these trends keep popping up throughout the timeline. So, if you’re feeling nostalgic for those 70s hair accessories or the 80s bag you can find them anywhere today! Grab your pearls and fanny packs and show off your awesome vintage style!

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