5 Health Benefits of Having a Clean Workplace

posted by Chris Valentine


In order to have a more productive business environment, it helps to have a clean office. A clean workplace can improve the health of a company’s employees, and it can also help eliminate distractions by eliminating clutter. Cleanliness can benefit the whole facility, including visitors and staff. Below is a listing of some health benefits that a clean workplace provide:

1. Air Quality Improved

When dust covers carpets, surfaces and upholstered furniture, the air quality diminishes over time as the dirt is picked up and recirculated through heating and air conditioning systems. Upholstery and carpeting are especially bad to hold debris and dust deeply embedded into fibers. By wiping down surfaces, cleaning upholstery occasionally, and having carpets vacuumed and cleaned, an office cleaning checklist like this can help minimize respiratory irritants and improve the overall air quality in an office building. Scheduling a professional to come clean carpets and upholstered furniture semiannually will help ensure that air quality remains fresh and clean.

2. Safer Workplace

Keeping floors well maintained and clean and dry can be a major contributing factor in preventing slips and falls. Add to this the fact that such maintenance reduces the number of bacteria and germs floating around, and it is not hard to see why a clean workplace means a much healthier environment for all. Further safety steps such as removing long cords from high traffic areas and moving office supply boxes to storage closets or unused cubicles will also help prevent accidents and falls.

3. Improved Health for Staff and Visitors

Maintaining higher air quality in an office by minimizing germs and bacteria obviously leads to less absenteeism from respiratory illness by employees. In a clean and hygienic workplace, the chances decrease of illness spreading. By disinfecting high touch areas, employers can quickly reduce the spread of germs. Small containers of disposable sanitary wipes can be placed strategically around the work area to be used on computer keyboards, doorknobs, trash cans, and appliances.

4. Productivity Increase

While it may seem somewhat innocuous, paper clutter is responsible for reducing office productivity, according to the National Association of Professional Associations. When employees spend their time trying to find buried documents or they have to wade through past projects to finish a current one, their minds begin disengaging from the forward momentum of progress they were making. The mental distraction of a messy office reduces the happiness and productivity of employees.

5. Appearance of Professionalism

A welcoming atmosphere of cleanliness speaks to customers and employees that they are valued and their health and safety are a priority to the business owner. A clean workplace is an expression that the employer also values his company.


Very simply put, whether a business is located in the highest rent district of a city or sits in a more modest location, one of the top priorities for attracting good employees and a loyal base of customer centers around the cleanliness and healthiness of the business. The rise or fall of a company can hinge on a clean work environment.

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