The Rules of Being a Successful Entrepreneur

posted by Chris Valentine

There was a time when identifying as an entrepreneur was seen as a negative thing, for many associated entrepreneurs with words like lazy, unmotivated, and idle. They were the ones bucking tradition in pursuit of something unknown, which to many, was irresponsible and foolish.

The Rules of Being a Successful Entrepreneur

However, entrepreneurship is exactly the opposite. Those who are entrepreneurs are creative, hardworking individuals who have a passion to pave their own way in the world and make a difference. They want to strive for something out of the ordinary, and they often thrive on the unknown of it all.

Entrepreneurship is something that is growing in popularity in more recent years, as more people are realizing that they want to spend their life doing something they are passionate about, essentially turning a hobby or vision into something profitable.

Entrepreneurship is not for everyone, as there are many who have found careers they love without having to start their own business. However, if you have the tenacity, work ethic, and drive to start your own business, then here are a few rules successful entrepreneurs follow:


Successful entrepreneurs know what they are passionate about, and they use that to their advantage by creating a business they love working on every day. There are many who have entrepreneurial characteristics but have yet to find their passion and purpose. Taking the time to discover what it is you love can propel you into the business world. Books and online workshops, including The Divine Purpose School, can help you recognize what your purpose is and how to turn that purpose into a passionate, profitable life.

Do Not Grow Discouraged

Successful entrepreneurs do not let their circumstances dictate their business or their motivation. Businesses are slow to get started, and many times, it can feel like despite all of the time, energy, and effort you are putting into your business, it is not growing. While it is easy to allow discouragement to take over, it is important to remain positive. Remind yourself why you started this business. Remind yourself of your passion. Stay focused, and keep pursuing your dream, as hard work and determination tend to pay off in the end.

Start Small

Unless you have the financial means to sustain yourself and your business for a couple of years (the time when most businesses first yield a profit), successful entrepreneurs know that the best course of action is to start small. Jumping in head first without any experience often leads to financial blunders and failed business attempts. While there are risks you will need to take in order to get your business moving, be smart about your business. Until your business has a market, consider continuing to work at your current job while also working to get your business off the ground. Being responsible and working while starting your business can provide you with a more stable foundation. Once your business is more established, you can then devote yourself to working there full-time.

Watch and Learn

There are many lessons you can learn from other entrepreneurs. The successes and failures of other entrepreneurs can help you to make the right choices, avoiding the mistakes they made that hurt their business. Heed the advice of mentors and other entrepreneurs, as they can provide with vital knowledge that can help your business thrive early on in its launch.

Be Confident

Successful entrepreneurs are confident in their idea, its potential for success, and in themselves. They recognize that they have a great idea, and they tastefully confident in its future. While there is a fine line between confidence and arrogance, it is important to show others you are confident in your business, because if you do not believe in its future, then why would anyone else? Lenders, investors, other companies will be more interested in your business idea if you show them you are confident in yourself and in your idea.

Failure Is Inevitable

Lastly, one of the most important things successful entrepreneurs embrace is that failure is inevitable. There will be moments of failure, but it is how you use that failure that will determine the success of your business. Learn from your mistakes. Learn from the failures. Pick up the pieces and start again.

With confidence and determination, success is not far away.

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