Harmful Mistakes People Tend to Make in Their Marriage

posted by Chris Valentine

When you marry, it is because you wish to improve as a person, you wish to grow, you wish to become a better man or woman. Thus, you marry,” said Hellen Chen, an author, marriage expert and matchmaker extraordinaire.

Popularly known as the matchmaker of the century, Hellen Chen, in a recent lecture, stated that 85% of all relationships end in a break up and 50% of the marriages end in divorce in the United States. However, the good news is that these numbers can change easily if we put a little more effort into our relationships.

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Here’s a look at the most common mistakes we should avoid in order to ensure long-lasting and fulfilling relationships.

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Taking Your Partner for Granted

As the relationship matures, there is a tendency to assume that your partner already understands your feelings towards them. This usually makes us lazy about expressing our gratitude and love. And over time, as the relationship falls into a familiar routine, there appears to be less and less need to express one’s love. Being felt taken for granted is not a good feeling. So, make the effort to surprise your partner with spontaneous expressions of love and affection.

Too Much Dependence on Each Other

Such couples suffer severely in case their relationship ends suddenly. Relationship experts also say that being too dependent isn’t healthy. People often feel trapped with a lack of options in such circumstances. So, make sure you spend time apart as well, doing things with your friends or just taking time out for yourself. Independence can be a very alluring quality.

Dating… But Not Actually Playing

A romantic date is mostly limited to a movie or dinner. While these are enjoyable, you should think of ways to spice up things a little from time to time. Play. Be silly. Sing songs. Dance. Do fun things. Watch romantic movies. Try something new in bed. Try the top sex pills for men for an exciting experience. Tell jokes. Do whatever it takes to make each other smile and feel the light-hearted joy of being together.

Expecting Too Much From Each Other

Communication is the best way to keep expectations realistic and to let each other know what your expectations are. We often end up wanting the other person to intuitively know what we want. And when this does not happen, we go into a spin. Remember, neither of you is a mind reader. The only way to ensure that you understand each other is to communicate.

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