How Does One Throw the Best Hen Party?

posted by Chris Valentine

For a fist time bridesmaid, hen party planning can be an extremely daunting task. Successfully putting together a fun hen weekend takes into account more than just where, when, and how factors. 

A bachelorette party is a dinner/weekend treat for the bride organized by the bride to be bridesmaids shortly before the wedding. In other terms, this is a party held to celebrate, reflect, and cherish the memories a bride to be made in her single life. A hen’s night is initiated, organized, and managed by the bridesmaids. It takes weeks of meticulous planning to put together this major fete. It is an excellent opportunity for the bride to air out pre-wedding jitters, connect with best friends, and capture great moments. 

Bridesmaids always want to ensure a fun-filled event above all, (you mean, what is the point of dragging out a bride and put her through the worst and most boring ‘torture’ ever?)You don’t have to rent a beach necessarily, involve a stripper, or choose genital-shaped décor to make the evening lively and worth the tag “party”. 

A weekend at the bar with friends is a great idea! You can also plan a joint party with your spouse-to-be if you’re planning to celebrate it together (which is not the most popular idea in the room). But feel free to break the rules and make it your special day. When you’re beginning a new journey in life, it’s an opportunity to honor the old chapter. Before making a new commitment, take time to look back on the beautiful experiences you’ve had in your single life. 

This article will take you through a step to step procedure on how to plan a successful bachelorette dinner without many hustles with the help of Celebrate Just Right an entertainment specialist in the UK.

Below are the key things to put into consideration while staging a fun and memorable hen event.

  1. Get background information.

Have the bride make a list of the people she needs at the party, the bride always has a preference here (so you don’t send an invite to her perceived competitor) be it family or that long lost sister you have never seen and always wondered if she resembles the bride.

Let the bride choose her preferred time for the event (day or night), should it take a day, or it will be partying through Friday to Monday. Also, all the small details about dressing mode, the party theme, and such things.

  1. Formulate your budget.

Based on the information you collected and the amount of money available, make your budget estimates. This is the most critical part of the planning process since everything that you and the girls are going to engage in on the weekend is based on what you can spend.

Carefully make precise allocations to different elements such as accommodation, food, drinks, transport, and various activities you will be involved in. Some hen planners normally offer discounts for more days booked or the more significant the group. But again, you might really want to trim your numbers to save your accounts from collapse.

  1. Pick your hen out the theme.

You want your bachelorette party to be memorable. Then this is one of the ways to make it stand on the top of the shelves. With the bride’s blessing, you can decide on the accommodation and begin working on that theme.

Themes can be vintage, glitter, Gatsby, festival themed, etc. which then necessitates the type of accommodation you choose. For example, an old item requires a quirky hotel with a 1970s makeover; a festival theme would demand a flower workshop or a beautifully maintained park. 

  1. Choose a location.

There are plenty of places from which you can choose to hold your hen party. Be it you want to remain within your town, country, or you prefer the states, the options are endless. Before making a booking and jetting out for your party, you should carry out your own investigation to ascertain what you are applying for is what you get. Many of the famed European cities with the best joints and services have been reviewed on Google, so don’t go out there blind.

If you are in Britain, London, Bournemouth, Bristol, Nottingham, and Manchester would be your towns to check out. Otherwise, Barcelona, Prague, Berlin, Hamburg, Tallinn, Dubai, and many other cities are ideal for these parties.

  1. Pick a suitable location.

Depending on your budget constraints, choose a suitable accommodation for the group, you can pick a hotel, which is more convenient, or rent a countryside house so that you can have self-service arrangements which help in bonding. Traditional camping is also on the cards and might interest you. So, whichever taste you are looking for, pick an option that suits your demand and budget.

  1. Research and arrange the party activities.

Carry out your own study on the ideas that you can implement and would bring maximum fun. You have to do this while putting the rest of the bride’s maids and the bride in mind. There is a vast choice here, from dress-up photoshoot, dance, craft, beauty treats, quizzes, high adrenaline adventures, naughty games, etc. 

  1. Decorations.

Hen night festivities never continue without this essential factor. Some balloons, ribbons, theme cards, and badges are in order. Also, you need to include some shopping bags, just in case you decide to pass by a Dubai-like mall on your hen party night.

Scale and dress your hen party with a ladylike décor.

  1. Parting gift. 

You should not close your planning without factoring this detail in your grand hen’s party plan. You will choose your bridal gift based on how you want the bride to remember it. 

The Bottom Line

Hen parties are highlighted majorly by fun, drinks, bonding, and relaxing the bride on the last days of her single years. You should not, however, head out there without an accurate plan. Therefore, you should first consider gathering information, make a budget, look up accommodation, book in advance, find decorations, and finally, do not forget the add-ons. Then head out for that dream hen party outing! 

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