Dos and don’ts of selecting a pest control company – Choose the cream of the crop

posted by Chris Valentine

Pest control is an occurrence that has surprised many people over the years now. More than 90% of homes in Canada and the United States are infested with pests in different forms. From cockroaches to bedbugs, termites, and many more, the destruction of valuable belongings and property has always been reported in the past. 

Research shows that pests destroy millions of properties every day. If you too feel that your house is infested by pests, it is high time you look forward to a pest control company like Rove pest control that helps you decide the source of the problem and the solution to get rid of them. Here’s how you should choose the best pest control firm. 

  • Check the credentials of the pest control company

Whenever we say credentials, we mean whether or not the company is registered with the legal government authorities. Once you are sure about the credentials, you can only choose a genuine company and never a shady one. The company should also have the licenses required from the government. It is only when you seek the help of licensed pest control services that the representatives will utilize chemicals and solutions that are accredited by the government. 

  • Know whether the company is licensed

Majority of the local or state agencies issue pest control licenses. You have to get in touch with your State Pesticide Regulatory Agency to ensure that the pest control operator’s license is a current one. Don’t forget to ask whether or not the employees are insured. If they are, the company will compensate any damage or loss that is caused by their employee. 

  • Discuss the treatment that the company has planned for your home

Choosing a pest control service firm is as vital as choosing any other professional service. Watch out for a high level of expertise that you would expect from any lawyer or doctor. All companies, including those that are eco-friendly, should investigate your premises and discuss with you the solution that they think is perfect for your house. He should analyze the pest, the degree of the problem, the main ingredient of the pesticide, potential health hazards of the main ingredient and the application techniques. The concerned person should also give you advice on how to minimize future pest infestation. 

  • Read the reviews of the company

A trustworthy and genuine company will always have a proper well-designed website where they demonstrate their services. Just as all other websites, this too shall have a review page where customers write their feedback about the services of the company. Go through many such reviews to understand the level of customer satisfaction. If you can arrange a few contact numbers of previous customers, you can get in touch with them privately. This helps you in making an informed and measured decision. 

  • Know about the type of insurance that the pest control company can offer

As long as termites are concerned, you need to know about the type of insurance offered by the company. If you think your homeowner’s insurance will cover this, this is not always true as homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover termite repairs or treatment. This is why homeowners should try to work with a trustworthy company that will install a baiting system or also give additional treatments to prevent further infestations. 

Your local pest control companies should provide you with ample details on controlling pests and the services that you need to combat against these unwanted guests. Follow the recommendations of the pest control company and protect your family, house, children and pets. 

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