Your Castle Deserves an Upgrade: 11 Affordable Home Improvement Projects That Will Deliver Great Value

posted by Chris Valentine

Most homeowners are always looking to upgrade their properties, but money often stands in the way. Here are 11 affordable home improvements with great value.

In 2018, American homeowners spent an average of $6,649 on home improvement projects. 

But the major home improvement projects such as remodelling a bathroom, kitchen, or finishing a basement can cost 10 times as much.

Read on for a list of 11 affordable home improvements that won’t break the bank. Best of all, most of these projects can be done in a weekend or less.

  1. Bathroom Update

Everyone knows the kitchen and the bathrooms are the rooms that add the most value to a home. Investments in these rooms yield the highest return on your investment when you sell.

But if you don’t have thousands to spend on a total renew, you can refresh your bathroom for under $500. Make the biggest impact by replacing your tired vanity top. Choose a natural stone, granite countertop from your local home center.

This can run you from $150 to $450 depending on the size you need. A new trendy faucet and a stylish mirror will complete your bathroom makeover. Best of all, this is one of those home improvement projects that can be done in a weekend. If you plan to move your sink or shower, make sure to find the best plumbers to help you. 

Make sure you examine the condition of your vanity before you get started. You can paint it a fresh new color with spray paint to get a smooth finish. this way you also avoid brush strokes.

For a few dollars, you can update the drawer pulls with new ones to match your new faucet and mirror.  

  1. Replace Your Garage Door

Replacing your worn garage door will give you almost a 100% return on your investment. That’s because a new garage door is both a functional and attractive home improvement project.

Old and damaged garage doors can result in indoor flooding and reduce the energy efficiency of your home. The average cost of a new garage door is just over $1000. 

Any home improvement ideas you can come up with that improve your curb appeal are good investments. A new garage door will go a long way in helping your home make a good first impression. 

  1. Add Kitchen Rollouts

A perfect kitchen is all about functionality. Even if you aren’t ready for a total kitchen reno, you can make your kitchen more user-friendly on a budget.

One easy home improvement project is adding rollouts to your cabinets. If your kitchen lacks usable storage space, rollouts make a huge difference. 

You can find affordable rollouts at most home improvement stores. With a drill, you can quickly add the rollouts to all your cabinets. You can expect to pay from $40 to $80 per rollout. 

In as little as 15 minutes, you can transform the space in your cabinets into a highly functioning, spacious area that makes organization a breeze.  

  1. Add Elegance to a Wall with Trim 

You’ve seen homes in magazines with stunning two-toned wall combinations. This style adds elegance and style to an otherwise ordinary wall.

But it’s actually an easy home improvement project that only requires paint and trim. Two lines of trim, a chair rail, and a crown molding will give you the perfect divider for a two-tone wall.

First, measure and cut your trim. Then paint your trim a crisp, clean white. Including paint, this project will cost you around $300.  It looks great in a hallway, bathroom, an office or a dining room.

  1. Replace the Front Door

Much like the garage door, your front door is part of your home’s first impression. 

A new door that matches the style of your home will add value to your home. Most front doors with a window ring in at under $1000. If you want to add a sidelight or splurge on a trendy color or style, the price will go up.

Plus, a new steel front door will prevent drafts from getting into your home. This will save you money on your heating and cooling bill.  

  1. Put on a Fresh Coat of Paint

One of the most affordable home improvement ideas is to give your interior a new look with a fresh coat of paint.

You can often paint your home on your own, without hiring contractors. A fresh coat of paint can help your home look fresh, airy, open and new.

When you paint, don’t forget about trim and baseboards. This is a small detail that really makes your home look years younger and immaculate. 

  1. Spruce Up Your Front Entry

We’ve already talked about the garage door, and the front door. The final piece of great curb appeal is your walkway.You can plant perennials. Prune your trees and shrubbery to look tidy and neat. Make your pathways tidy with crisp borders filled with mulch.

A modern new house number, mailbox, and exterior light fixture are budget home improvements that can make the outside of your home much more appealing.

  1. Install a Closet Organizer 

As far as easy home improvement projects go, installing a closet organizer is one of your best options.

In just a couple of hours, you can transform your closet from a crowded mess into an organized command center.

Wire shelving systems are affordable and easy to install. Plus, this style of shelving and baskets don’t collect dust like traditional shelves.

You can start with basic items like closet rods and shelves. You can add in shoe racks, baskets, tie and belt racks and more. 

Just be sure to measure your closet carefully to ensure you buy the right items.

  1. Create a Laundry Haven

Whether you have a dedicated laundry room or just a section in your unfinished basement, you can make your laundry area organized and functional.Better lighting and storage will transform your laundry area into a “room” that isn’t an eyesore.

Simple and easy home improvement projects can include an overhaul to this part of your home.Start by adding a countertop if you don’t have one. Choose one that is in stock to save a bundle of money.

Build your own melamine shelving units under the countertop. Make them large enough to fit your laundry baskets. You’ll be amazed at how much this one change can transform your laundry room.Then hang some simple utility wall cabinets or floating shelves over the countertop. You can store your cleaning supplies and detergent on these.

A simple clothing rod hanging under the shelves will give you a place to put hang dry items on clothes hangers.If your laundry room has just a lone hanging bulb, it’s time to fix that. Fluorescent tubes brighten the entire room so you can see stubborn stains. 

If your laundry room is in an unfinished basement, you can soften the floor with rubber floor tiles.These tiles are comfortable on your feet and are effortless to install. Just click the pieces together, no glue needed.

You can get this flooring in various colors and styles. 

This project will take two days and will cost under $1000. Pretty soon, doing laundry won’t be so bad. And this home improvement project will add valuable space to your home. 

  1. Create an Affordable Backyard Oasis

In recent years, the backyard has become an additional living space. Anytime you do anything to increase livable space in your home, you add value.

Creating a backyard retreat doesn’t have to cost six figures (although it easily can). An easy home improvement project is to install a gazebo in your yard. You can buy one for just a couple hundred bucks.  These screened canopies will give you shade as well as protection from bugs. Common gazebo sizes are 10 x 10-ft. or 12 x 12 ft. String some lights or add tiki torches around your gazebo for evening outdoor lounging. 

If you have outdated patio furniture, buy some new cushions to give your set a fresh new look. If you don’t have a deck or patio yet, you can build a simple concrete paver patioThough this is a labor-intensive project, anyone can do it in a weekend.  

A paver patio will run you around $3.50 per sq. ft. When you’re done you’ll have a whole extra “room” in the house that you can enjoy when the weather is nice.

  1. Wallpaper One Wall

One of the most impressive budget home improvements you can do is to wallpaper one wall.

Wallpaper has come a long way since the impossible to remove paper of the 80s. In fact, these days wallpaper is one of the trendiest home interior design trends.

Because you’re just doing one wall, the cost will be much less than if you do a whole room.

There are endless design and color options. Choose something trendy or punchy for the maximum wow factor.

This simple day project can totally transform your room for under $100.

Final Thoughts on Affordable Home Improvements

Thanks for reading. We hope you enjoyed learning about these affordable home improvements that can add value and beauty to your home.

By focusing on several small projects you have the time and money to do now, you will enjoy your home more without blowing your budget.

Next, learn why indoor air quality will benefit your family. 


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