Top Tips On Buying The Best Loft Ladders For Your Renovated Loft

posted by Chris Valentine

If you have recently renovated your loft then one aspect which you’ll have to think about is which kind of loft ladders you are going to add to the space. If you have a loft which is purely for storage then the reality is that all you need from ladders is a safe and secure option to get into the loft. If however you have turned the loft space into something with more purpose, perhaps as a hideaway or a living area, then you are going need to think a bit more seriously about what kind of ladders to buy for the space. 

Let’s take a look at some of the options which you have before you. 

Permanent Ladders

If you have a loft which is only for storage then it makes perfect sense to hide those ladders away, after all there is little need to constantly see the access to the space. If however you have turned the loft into something a little more special, you could opt for permanent ladders. There are some ladder options which now appear more like permanent stairs, a great option here. These ‘stairs’ are in fact collapsable so even though they would be permanent, you could remove them temporarily if you so wished.

Rope Ladders

Many people like to renovate this space in order to make it a cool little hideaway for the kids, a secret den almost where they can have some fun. This kind of space needs ladders which showcase what the space is about and that is why rope ladders could be a really cool addition here. Now when you think of rope ladders you may be thinking of some dangerous steps which have been cobbled together, but this is not the case with professionally made rope ladders. These are well made using thick rope and with tight metal bindings to ensure absolute security. This provides a cool way for kids to get access to their new and exciting hideaway. 

Hatch Storage 

If you do decide to cover up the hatch of your loft then a great way to add ladders would be to get a storage hatch with ladders attached to the top. This way when you open up the hatch to use the loft, those ladders are going to come out and provide you with a safe and secure way to reach the space. This is the perfect option for those who have minimal space to play with both in the loft and below the loft too. Owing to the smart designs of this ladder option, you can get steps which seamless open up, without any clicking or clunking. This provides you with some high quality steps which are easily stowed away. 

Whilst there are some low cost options here, the best thing that you can do is to invest as much as you can in the loft ladders because they are going to be needed for a very long time to come.

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