Should You Have the Best Standby Generator for Your House?

posted by Chris Valentine

When the power goes off during a storm or natural disaster, you’re plunged in darkness. It can be hours or days before the utility company restores power, leaving you with rotten food and endless hours of boredom. If you’ve got the best standby generator available, then power outages aren’t even an inconvenience.

A whole house generator can run everything. While your neighbors are without lights and heating, you’re sitting comfortably as if nothing changed. The furnace runs, the oven cooks food and your refrigerator keeps your food cold and frozen.

There are many reasons why a standby generator is a sound investment for your home and family safety.

Differences Between Standby and Portable Generators

You can get a portable generator from your local hardware store, but you’ll want to seek a professional electrician to install a standby generator.

Portable generators can be placed anywhere from a campsite to an emergency staging area. You plug items into it such as stoves and floodlights. They’re perfect for short-term power needs or when you need power where there are no utilities.

Electricians determine the amount of power your home needs and install a comparable generator on-site. They’re stationary and connect directly to your home’s power box. When the power goes off, the generator cuts your home from the power grid and provides the home with power.

When the grid works again, the generator shuts down and switches the home back to grid power. A home backup generator can power the home for days and runs off natural gas or diesel.

Why You Need the Best Standby Generator

There’s no doubt that there’s a significant expense to home generators, but they’re worth the cost. When the power goes off, so does the furnace or air conditioner. There’s no power for security systems or to run laundry and other appliances.

If there is a natural disaster such as a tornado or hurricane power can be out for days or more. You can run out of usable food or be unable to cook it properly. If it happens during a winter blizzard, then your family’s health is at risk if the furnace doesn’t run. A generator makes sure the lights and heat stay on.

The cost in emotional and physical distress more then makes up the cost of a generator. You can find some of the top generators at ablesales.com.au.

You may only use the generator once every few years, but you’ll be glad you have it when the times comes to use it.

Considerations for Home Generators

Since you don’t use the generator regularly, it’s important to keep it maintained. When you schedule your yearly furnace or AC checkup, have the generator serviced as well. They’ll clean it and fix any minor issues they see.

The generator also needs fuel to run for long periods. Keep extra fuel on hand or have a large tank filled with fuel.

Your Home Needs a Standby Generator

Don’t risk the safety of your family during a blackout. The best standby generator isn’t a cost, but an investment. When disaster strikes and the neighborhood is dark, your home is a beacon of light.

If you want to learn more about generators or how to get a good night’s sleep when the power’s out, then check out this article.

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