4 Marriage Tips From Couples Who’ve Last 50 Years

posted by Chris Valentine

For married couples, getting past the 7-year itch is already a great feat to achieve. Moreover, for those celebrating at least 50 years of marriage, they deserve exceptional praise and commendation. Staying strong in marriage and being dedicated to each other for 50 years is no easy feat and is a remarkable achievement. Going through thick and thin, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health and staying committed to the marriage vows can be hard to maintain in this modern society.

In order to inspire us to strengthen our relationship with our significant other, we’ll share here 4 marriage tips from couples who have lasted 50 years and are still going strong.

Keep Physical Affection and Intimacy Strong

One of the common difficulties couples face is sustaining the flames of the honeymoon phase. The common trend that married couples are experiencing is a decline in physical affection and intimacy as the years go by. Familiarity, boredom, and complacency are just a few of the situations that can make relationships go from warm to cold. Couples often take for granted the importance of having an active and exciting sex life even as they grow older. Looking on the bright side, the passing of the years allows couples to discover more about their partners on a deeper level. Sex, intimacy, and physical affection are the most effective ways of being emotionally and spiritually connected. Relationship experts and advisors concur that taking natural male enhancement pills is a good way of keeping sex and intimacy burning through the years. If taken properly, such an enhancement is not in any way detrimental to the health and daily functioning of men who take it. Aside from increasing sexual potency, enhancement pills also boost vitamin and mineral levels in the body, which adds vigor and energy for men reaching the middle and advanced ages – all contributors to keeping their wife and their life happy.

Keep the Communication Healthy

Keeping the communication between couples healthy through the years is important in strengthening their relationship. The moment couples devote themselves to married life, they will primarily have each other to lean on. Because you live under one roof, share the same bed, couch, and dinner table, it should only be right to communicate and reach out to each other. Sadly, not all couples are in this situation nowadays. They either are too preoccupied that they rarely get to be together or they have some things they refuse to share with their partners and carry invisible walls around them. Not being able to communicate directly with your other half is unhealthy, and can lead couples to look for other outlets of communication, which can only further complicate the situation. The best thing to do is to always be open with each and express what needs to be said and done every day. You can work things out better this way.

Keep Doing Things Together

Companionship and the feeling of togetherness are essential as couples grow older. When their children become adults and move out of their homes, it will mostly be the couples that stay behind and tend to each other. As early as the first year of marriage, couples should make it a point to do activities together as much as possible. Not only does it keep the relationship and marriage bond strong, but it also creates lasting memories that couples can look back on with a smile. When you and your partner always do things together, it becomes a practice that is ingrained in both of you and it goes deeper than being a habit. You’ll love each other’s company for the rest of your lives.

Always Live Like and Cherish the Day You Were Married

Love is the penultimate source of all positive things that happen in a couple’s life. It begets respect, care, commitment, faithfulness, trust, and a whole lot of good values. This love is felt the strongest during the time we walk down the aisle, professing our marriage vows, and triumphantly walking together as a married couple. Make it a point that both of you remember how your wedding felt like trying to live each day reliving the love you shared at that moment. It’s always good to have something as precious as love to look and go back on every once in a while. It makes the relationship you share as a couple stronger and more resilient to tests and trials.

Staying together for the rest of your lives as a couple shouldn’t be a hard thing to accomplish. It is never meant to be an extraordinary feat or achievement. Instead, it should be a given the moment both of you share your marriage vows. We shared a few tips here from couples who have lasted at least 50 years to inspire you to make that journey of a lifetime as a couple walking hand in hand.

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