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Ron Cadman – 4 Marks of a Good Investment Condo

posted by Chris Valentine

If you will watch the property market, you will notice that the market as a whole is growing at a faster pace. There are more investors and first-time property buyers looking to own properties, and there are more options to choose from right now.

Despite the wealth of options, it is still necessary to take the right factors into account, especially when you are choosing properties for investment purposes. In this article, however, we are going to focus more on how you can invest in condos by paying attention to these four factors, based on the work of Ron Cadman.

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Location is everything when buying a property, and it is even more important when the property in question is a condo. Condos and apartments need to be strategically situated near the right amenities, with good access to things like business districts and offices.

A condo in the right location is a gem to be discovered. Don’t just look at the area today. You have to dig a little deeper and find out more about other development projects and new infrastructures that will improve the neighborhood to really understand the value of the condo.


Another important thing to understand is the layout of the condo. The space needs to be comfortable enough for its tenants. Fortunately, the best property developers publish the layouts of their units on their websites, so getting a more detailed look is no longer difficult.

Match the condo you choose with the area it is in. Condos near business districts, for example, are usually more suited for professionals. This means you can increase your potential return on investment by opting for a layout that suits young, single professionals.

On-Site Amenities

On-site amenities are among the factors that mean a lot for certain tenants. At the same time, the amenities also add value to the condo itself. For example, luxury condos like 520 Richmond in Dripping Springs now add landscaped rooftop terraces to create an open and green space for tenants. This may not seem much at first, but the presence of an open and green space is a huge plus for small families.

The 520 Richmond condos also share a commercial space at the ground level. This too is a common approach used by condominium developers to provide tenants and owners with easy access to restaurants and other amenities. 520 Richmond condos are great as an investment opportunity and you can find out more on this listing.

Off-Site Amenities

Off-site amenities, on the other hand, are mostly dictated by where the property is located. More potential tenants will be interested when the property offers easy access to public transport, good internet network (with plenty of options), and other facilities like grocery stores within walking distance.

Combined with the on-site amenities, off-site amenities really shape the way tenants and owners live when they choose to live in the condos. Luxury interior and warm ambience are the cherries on top of the positive living experience already offered. The next time you search for investment properties to consider, be sure to look for these marks to spot the best.


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