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Top 10 Internet Reputation Repairs

posted by Chris Valentine

In the past, developing a widely recognized brand or image was something reserved only for the rich and Powerful. Print and television media was hugely expensive and therefore inaccessible to most. However, communication has now been democratized, thanks to the development of the internet. This means that all companies, regardless of size or budget, or able to buy and sell their services and goods, share information, work, play, communicate, collaborate, and interact. This has led to a profound change, particularly in terms of how people perceive a brand and an online reputation. It has also given rise to a requirement for knowledge of internet reputation repairs. Below are the 10 most important repair techniques that you have at your disposal.

10 Internet Reputation Repairs Strategies

  1. Make sure your domain name is registered, even if you have not yet finished building your website. Make sure you choose a .net or .com domain name if you can as these are more respected by the websites. Do also make sure you choose a high quality hosting service.
  2. Create a secondary website on which you can blog and link between your two sites. This ensures you instantly have a number of backlinks available with relevant tags and descriptions. Having a blog is an important search engine optimization, SEO, technique and you may as well kill two birds with one stone by having them as separate entities.
  3. Join lots of social media websites and make sure that your information across the sites is consistent. Make sure you start a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn comma and Instagram page as a minimum.
  4. Make sure you are involved online. You need to speak with your existing and prospective customers as much as possible and not just try to sell them things.
  5. Learn how to monitor your online reputation. One way to do that is to have a Google alert present so that you receive an email every time your name is mentioned somewhere.
  6. Remember that the online world is now the real world. Whatever you do online reflects on who you are non-virtually as well.
  7. Be careful. Remember that when something is online it can never truly be removed again. Hence, always think twice before posting or sending anything and make sure it’s cannot come back and bite you in the behind.
  8. Always be proactive. Build a positive reputation immediately instead of fighting negative comments only once they appear.
  9. See your online reputation management as a strategy and put a plan in place for it. This is something that your online reputation management company will be able to help you with quite significantly. You must consider them your partners rather than subordinates.
  10. Never give up. You will receive online attacks that seem completely unjustified. You will notice that this has a negative impact on your overall business and profits. However, every business experience is this so you were still on par with your competition so long as you take action to minimize the damage.

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