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Why Devon, England is the perfect destination this Christmas

posted by Chris Valentine
Devon at Christmas

Photo Credit: Creative Commons

Going away at Christmas time can be the ideal way to escape all the noise and stress of city life – provided you choose the right destination and accommodation. If any of you are considering booking a last-minute getaway this festive season, I have just the solution you’re looking for – a trip to picturesque Devon.

It might not sound as glamorous as jetting off overseas, but there are so many reasons to choose Devon – and below I’m going to tell you all about the ones I think are most important.

A cosy, classically British location

From rolling hills to rustic coastline, Devon is a classic British holiday destination through and through. It’s this traditional charm that draws me and countless others back to the county year after year.

Now, a lot of people come to Devon for their summer holiday, encouraged by the prospect of sunning themselves on those beautiful beaches if the weather is good. So, at first it might seem an unusual destination to suggest for a winter break – but it actually makes a lot of sense.

For instance, the spectacular scenery of the coastline, as well as the moors of Dartmouth and the green Tamar Valley are transformed in the winter months, offering you a totally different experience to the summer.

Another good thing about picking Devon is that there are plenty of holiday cottages here (take a look at the selection at Sykes Cottages), which means there’s ample scope for having a gloriously cosy getaway. And after all, what more would you want in the winter months than a cosy haven to curl up in?

Festive events

Well, I dare say you might also be keen to head to a few seasonal events. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of decent options in Devon. If you think you’ll still have a little Christmas shopping to do or simply fancy getting into the Christmas spirit, the Exeter Christmas Market is a must-visit.

You’ll find it on Exeter Cathedral Green, where it will be from November 21st to December 19th. You can expect all the classic Christmas market attractions here, including homemade gifts, beautiful decorations and – my personal favourite – lots of delicious treats.

Meanwhile, if you’re travelling with the kids in tow, it’s worth booking a seat on the Santa Steam Train, which leaves from Paignton Queens Park Station (dates to be confirmed). On these trips, you can chug through gorgeous countryside scenery, enjoy tasty mince pies and even meet Santa!


Of course, let’s not forget that one of the biggest advantages of staying in the UK is that it’s (generally) cheaper than going overseas – and we all know that Christmas is expensive enough as it is. If you hire a holiday cottage and bring as much family along as possible, you can split the price between the adults and keep things nice and affordable.

Plus, since you’ll be in a cottage you’ll have your own kitchen, which means you won’t have to spend a lot on meals out (though you can if you fancy!). Another advantage of this is that, even though you’ll be away from home, you can still cook a traditional family Christmas dinner together.


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