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Does The Pax 3 Vaporizer Work Well With Concentrates?

posted by Chris Valentine

The Pax 3 Vaporizer is one of the newest dry herb and concentrate portable vaporizers to hit the market. It has a simple design that makes it easy to use. It is made from aluminum, which makes it both durable and long lasting. It is highly portable and can easily fit into a pocket or bag. It is the first version to be able to handle concentrates.

The Concentrates are used with a concentrate insert, that is included with your purchase. You can use any concentrate you choose, you just add it into the chamber and put the chamber into the original chamber lid. Once you have added the chamber, it will stick out from the bottom of the vaporizer. That is normal, and do not be concerned.

This new addition to the Pax line can heat in 30 seconds or less. It offers four, pre-set temperature choices and has a bigger battery than the vaporizers before it. It also allows for Bluetooth connection, which allows you to customize the settings you have by using an app.

There are multiple settings on this vaporizer that allow you to adjust the flavor value, how efficient it is and a boost mode that increases the heat. All of these options make this a solid choice for a vaporizer.

The quality of the vapor made by this machine is very good. Vaporizer Chief Pax 3 is how many people feel about this vaporizer, as it is the leader in vaporizers. Concentrates will all work well with this unit, you just need to get the temperature adjusted for maximum flavor. The vapor from this unit is smooth and satisfying. It can be adjusted to each person’s personal preference by choosing a different temperature and heat mode on the unit.

The different heating modes are what sets this vaporizer apart from the others before it. They allow those who want a denser vapor or a quicker session to get the quality of the vapor, all with the benefits of adjusting the unit to their specific tastes. This ability to make the heating modes custom to each person, is something that has really only ever been seen with the Pax 3. There are others that allow for temperature changes, but none to adjust how the unit specifically heats the concentrates and herbs.

There are some that do not like the Pax 3 for their concentrates. They feel that it does not get hot enough to properly vaporize their concentrates. There are also some who say that once used for concentrates, the inside of the Pax 3 was left with a sticky residue inside.

The vaporizer industry, the Pax 3 is leading the way. The combination of the easy to use machine mixed with the small and discrete size, make it a go to for those looking to upgrade or purchase a new unit. Spend some time getting used to the small size and upgrades compared to the Pax 2 and you will be on your way to using it in no time.

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