The Working Benefits of a Clean Office

posted by Chris Valentine

There has been interesting research performed recently which has shown that a neat and tidy workplace assists employees to maintain a professional atmosphere, which in turn allows them to perform their duties more easily, leading to greater productivity.


Conversely, if you have a workplace which is untidy, it can lead to a drop in employee morale and a decline in employee satisfaction, largely due to the fact that they feel that their employer does not care about the workplace and about their happiness and safety.

If you have an untidy workplace, debris, spills, clutter and other problems will pile up and can pose serious health hazards. There are numerous other benefits to having a clean and tidy workplace, and I want to address some of these here in the hopes that it helps you to run a successful and productive workplace, free from accidents and hazards.

Being clean is good housekeeping

This is not just about cleanliness in the workplace, though that is a definite benefit; housekeeping is about many different elements of cleanliness:

  • Getting rid of fire hazards like old paper and cardboard
  • Ensuring that all desks, common areas and halls are clean and free of clutter at all times
  • Organising storage areas to reduce unnecessary storage of items
  • Keeping kitchens clean and free of vermin and pests

Housekeeping is an ongoing task, and many companies opt for external cleaners to perform this task. Companies like Consolidated Property Services in Melbourne are one of the best companies to use for all kinds of cleaning jobs – from educational to corporate, they can do it all.

Enjoy a professional reputation

When you enter a new workplace one of the first things you might notice is how clean and tidy it is. Having a clean and respectable workplace will not only enhance your professional reputation amongst visitors, but it will also build your morale from within, which will then ensure that your employees feel valued and cared for. This will positively impact on your current and potential clients and will go on to impact well on your bottom line.

Critical to health and safety

There are a huge range of health and safety considerations which you must keep in mind when you own or run a business, and cleanliness is a huge part of this. There are a number of issues which can arise from keeping a dirty or unsafe work environment. Dirty kitchens can cause health issues, and dusty or dirty shelves or desks can promote the spread of colds and germs – especially in winter.

Between getting a professional clean, you need to ensure that your employees are actively engaged in keeping their workplace maintained. Things like office rosters and cleaning duties should be actively promoted and adhered to, perhaps with rewards for great work. You need to also ensure that you have the appropriate cleaning materials and safety gear available in the workplace for your employees to use. Employees should always be encouraged, indeed required, to report potentially hazardous situations, like objects left in doorways or overflowing bins. In addition, everyone needs to be given general education on health and safety in the workplace – ideally on induction.


Most of us find it terribly difficult to meet our goals and to stay focused when we’re surrounded by clutter. Make life easy for your employees by keeping things clean. A professional service to come daily or weekly will go a long way towards making cleaning up and staying clean a lot easier.

I hope you have found this short tips encouraging and helpful, and that you find it easier to keep a clean office now that you see the benefit of doing so.

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