A Caribbean Twist: Why Curacao Should Be Your Next Vacation

posted by Chris Valentine

The Caribbean is a once in a lifetime trip for many of us. For others, it’s the go-to place for relaxing, enjoying the golden sandy beaches and the lush landscape.

However, think of a holiday in the Caribbean and you’ll perhaps associate it more with the Bahamas, Barbados or Jamaica. Perhaps not Curacao…

Just 65km off the Venezuelan coast, Curacao is a Dutch Caribbean island that offers an experience that nowhere else in the region can, and it’s a place well worth putting on your bucket list…

What Curacao Has To Offer

Curacao has everything the rest of the Caribbean has to offer and more, jam-packed with remote beaches, intriguing wildlife and plenty, and we mean plenty, of entertainment.

The Beaches

We’ll of course start with the beaches. Many of us visit the Caribbean purely for the golden sands and it’s no different in Curacao. Grote Knip is one of the most luxurious and spectacular on the island.

Set to a backdrop of breathtaking rocky cliffs, the waters are a spearmint blue that are truly magical. What’s more, a 10 minute drive away and you’ll find Playa Piskado, another stunning location where you can swim with turtles in their natural habitat.

The Architecture

The Pietermaai district of Willemstad is a staggeringly beautiful area to get a real taste of the Dutch colonialism in Curacao. The buildings have been beautifully restored following conservation efforts in 1999 and today its bustling with restaurants, hotels, galleries and more.

Wandering the streets you can’t help but be drawn in by the bold colours and street art that adorn the walls and it’s a great spot to really immerse yourself in what this island is all about.


Curacao is well known for its gambling and over the last decade it’s become a hugely popular scene for online casinos and a place that many brands go to collect a Curacao gaming licence, enabling them to operate.

Of course, with the sun shining and the weather fabulous, you’re not exactly going to want to play online though. Which is just as well as Curacao has some fantastic casinos on the island for tourists to play at.

Alongside the casino scene, music provides a real heartbeat to the island, and there are ample bars and restaurants where musicians will take to the stage each and every night to while away the evening.

Other Things To Do

So much of what you can do in Curacao will give you insight into the rich history the island has. The plantation houses show the darker side to the island, while there are some great hikes that take in some fantastic caves.

Nature is a big part of Curacao, and as well as the turtles, you’ll find flamingos, iguanas and many more exotic creatures to discover on your travels.

And that’s not all. There are plenty of museums to escape the heat, from the Maritime Museum to the Kura Hulanda museum which offers thought-provoking insight into the relocation of Africans into the Americas.

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