Safari vs Chrome: What’s the Difference and Which One’s Better?

posted by Chris Valentine

What browser you use can be as varied as what computer you have. For example, Windows 10 is 4x more popular than a Mac.

Are you doing a comparison between Safari vs Chrome, and aren’t sure which to pick? In this article, explore what exactly the similarities and differences between the 2 are. Read on to learn why the browser you use matters, and which is the ideal fit for your needs.

What Is Safari? 

Safari is a browser that’s created and supported by Apple. In Safari, if one of your browser windows gets shut down, all of your browser windows do too. Safari is for OS X, MAC, and iOS.

Safari Benefits and Cons

If you’re looking for a browser that’s easy to navigate and has a simple layout, Safari is for you. You can also bookmark as you go.

It also supports a search plug-in and is a quick web browser. It’s automatically already on iOS and Mac. You can also check out your flow history searching.

The iCloud makes sharing across platforms easy when using a secure device. If you’re about to open a link to a malicious site, Safari can warn you prior to opening it.

While Safari has its benefits there are cons as well, such as the inability to customize it. Safari also doesn’t come out with many updates. It’s also difficult to turn off pop-ups.

What Is Chrome? 

Chrome is created by Google. Google Chrome allows you to auto-update and supports media codes. When you use Google, Chrome is its default.

Chrome Benefits and Cons

If you’re looking for one of the most popular browsers to date, look no further than Chrome. It offers a nice design, unlike Safari which is boring and lacks customization.

Chrome is also a high-speed browser. If you’re looking for a browser that continually comes out with updates for security purposes, Chrome is a great choice.

You can also block any malicious or dangerous sites. Chrome will also let you know the security of a website by showing a lock pad icon in the browser.

Chrome also allows you to use it across devices. You can save your bookmarks and history across your desktop and Android.

Since Google Chrome does take up a lot of RAM and CPU, this memory consumption will impact how the applications perform.

Since it’s only the default browser in Chrome OS, you’d need to change your default browser to have Chrome. There’s no way to erase Safari from Mac, and Internet Explorer from Windows.

If you close a browser that had many tabs pulled up, Chrome won’t warn you. You can accidentally close multiple tabs all at once.

Google Chrome vs Safari on Macs

First, before installing Safari or Google Chrome, you’ll want to check out the macos 11 system requirements. This might be a more viable option for your system.


With Chrome, you can enjoy the integration of the Google Calendar, Google News, Youtube, Google Photos, G-Suite, etc. It’s an easier way to get tasks done quicker.

While Safari is the default browser, it can be changed. Go to your System Preferences, then General, and then select the web browser of your choosing.


For security, Safari is considered safer than Chrome. Safari offers its customers data protection. It also has the ability to block many data trackers.

For Chrome, you do have an Incognito mode. This is a way to browse privately without any personal information shared. In Incognito mode, your data can still be collected.

Chrome Will Cost You

While Chrome has more options when it comes to extensions, it’ll cost you in the end. Due to these extensions, Chrome will drain your battery, and use a large amount of your CPU.

Many of the extensions have access to your browsing as well. This leads to privacy concerns.


Chrome’s features aren’t up-to-date and advanced like macOS features. While Safari accepts new concepts quickly, it takes Chrome a while to catch up.

If you’re looking to turn a website dark, it comes automatically with Safari. For Chrome, you’ll need an extension for that.


Many will tell you that Safari uses less of your battery than Chrome does. This can lead to better optimization with Safari as well. It’s also less likely to increase your fan’s usage inside your computer.


There isn’t too much of a difference between Google products and Gmail. If you use Meet(previously Hangout), many are saying the user experience is better for Chrome than Safari.

Safari vs Chrome Iphones

Over the years, iPhone users have been using Safari. Now, Apple is letting its users change the browser and default email. This change now works for both iPads and iPhones.


Google Chrome is everywhere. Whether you’re using macOS, Android, Windows, or iOS, you can access Google Chrome. Safari is only on the macOS, iPad OS, and iOS.


Google Chrome and Safari both use the WebKit browser engine for webpage loading. For speed, there’s only a half a second difference.

With Google Chrome you can access a Reading List. The Reading List works similar to bookmarks on Safari.

There’s also the option of Google voice to search the internet. Google Translate allows you to translate web pages into the language of your choice.

Managing Your Password

If you’re looking for password management then the Safari browser is a clear winner. If you save your login details it’s saved to your iCloud keychain. You can use this keychain across various apps on your phone.

While Google Chrome does have a password manager, it only works in your Chrome browser. You can’t use it on iOS as a password manager.

A Comparison on Safari vs Chrome

Now that you’ve explored a comparison of Safari vs Chrome, you should have a better idea of which browser is right for you. For everything web, from web design to Webflow Virtual Tours, check out our other articles today.

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