Nine University Reviews – Why So Many People Are Using Amazon FBA

posted by Chris Valentine

If you haven’t heard about the power of what an Amazon FBA business can do for you then I would recommend that you check out the Nine University reviews which can be found online. This is a course which helps people to learn about Amazon FBA and how they can become lite sellers on the platform, and the success stories are simply incredible. The very fact that there are courses which help people to learn more about Amazon FBA is the perfect indicator as to how popular it has become, and there is still plenty of money out there to be made. Let’s take a look at what this platform is, and why so many are using it. 

What is Amazon FBA?

Fulfillment by Amazon, to give it its full title, is a platform which the global retailer has created to handle shipping on behalf of businesses who sell via Amazon, and even some other channels. Businesses will send their products in bulk to the retailer, who will then store the goods until a sale is made, once that happens they will pick the item, package it and ship it out to the customer. 

Cost Reduction 

One key reason why so many people are looking at using Amazon FBA is that they are able to save massive amounts of money when they do. The fact that Amazon deal with all of the shipping and logistics removes the need for a business to operate this in-house, that means less staff and training, equalling a big saving. Given that Amazon also store the products in their many warehouses, businesses have no reason to worry about spending on this, and they can also achieve growth with ease when it comes to requiring more space. 

Customer Service

Small businesses often have a fine line to walk when it comes to using their limited resources to give the customer a high quality service in terms of online ordering. Because of the fact that Amazon are experts in the field of shipping and fulfillment, these businesses can be safe in the knowledge that their customers are going to get the very best service, with speed and efficiency. Amazon even offer customer support to help resolve any issues which may have occurred, further boosting the customer’s happiness. 

Big Money 

There is some really big money to be made when using Amazon FBA and some of the figures that people report making per month from just a handful of products is eye-watering. Amazon is used by millions of people around the world, and on average they spend around $700 per year. People look to tap into that figure and earn a slice of it for themselves, and given the amount of money that some are making it is easy to see why many are so inspired. 

This is something which isn’t going to slow down, Amazon FBA is very much the future of making money from home. 

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