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What a Tobacco Vape Gives You That Cigarettes Don’t

posted by Chris Valentine

If you switch to a tobacco vape from cigarettes then you are going to have made a move which brings you so many benefits. In fact there are literally hundreds of people every single day who are making this change for the better and there is no reason why you can’t be the next one to do so. We all know just how harmful cigarettes can be yet of course this is a very tough addiction to break. The first step however will be a switch to vaping and here is what it can offer you that cigarettes just can’t.

Saving Money

Let’s be honest, the prices of cigarettes right now are absolutely insane, and that is by design. The idea from the governments around the world have been to price smokers out of this habit and to use that as a way to get more people to quit. What you can expect when you start vaping however is that you will save money, and you will do so very quickly. The biggest outlay which you will have to make when you are vaping is the initial costs, the price of the cartomizer, once that is bought however the liquids are cheaper than a pack of cigarettes and they last infinitely longer.


Even some smokers despise the smell of smoke, and of course the majority of non-smokers hate it too. This is yet again where the vape option makes perfect sense, because there is little to no smell at all when you breathe out the ‘smoke’ from the vape pen. This means no disgusting smell grabbing onto your clothes, no smelly breath and no complaints from those around you.


One of the biggest reasons why so many switch to vaping of course is the impact which it can have on their health. Unlike cigarettes vaping does not feature the harmful chemicals which have been found to do such great damage. The only chemical which you find here which cigarettes have is nicotine, and whilst this is an addictive chemical it is not necessarily a harmful one. This is one of the most compelling reasons why so many should be looking to give up the cigarettes and instead look to vaping as a better alternative.

Nicotine Management

Using vaping you can manage your nicotine so that you can lower how much you ingest, and this could be used as a way in which to stop smoking altogether. Few people actually take into consideration the strength of those cigarettes and this is actually something which is far easier to do when you are vaping liquids. This again is why so many will use vaping as their first step on the road to smoking cessation and even if you don’t have plans to completely quit, you can use the guide as a way to lower the amount of nicotine which you are vaping and therefore better mange how it feels.

Vaping really does offer you much more than cigarettes do.

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