7 Reasons Why You Need To Clean Your Tennis Court Regularly

posted by Chris Valentine

A brand new tennis court can be an amenity that everyone looks forward to, but it’s an amenity that you’re going to need to keep as functional as you can. A neglected tennis court is going to fall into disrepair sooner or later; you must perform periodic maintenance. You can perform maintenance yourself or, better yet, you can hire experienced contractors to take a look and expert pressure washers like MKL Brisbane House Washers to complete the job for you. There are a handful of reasons why regular maintenance is essential which you’ll want to consider if you think you can leave a tennis court be after installation.

Creates Safety

Tennis is a moving sport, and if the court isn’t kept safe, injuries can occur. Debris can create a rough surface that makes players lose their footing, uneven ground can cause falls, and rotted leaves can create dangerous slippery surfaces. Removing debris and fixing these problems with the tennis court improves the safety of the playing surface significantly and worries everyone a lot less about getting hurt within the court.

Improves Drainage

When debris piles up, it can create a blockage that prevents water from draining out of the court properly. Standing water promotes the growth of mold and mildew, which only further damages the tennis court. Removing any blockage caused by debris will allow water to drain properly out of the court and not only prevent the growth of fungi but also prevent water stains caused by that stagnant water sitting in one spot for an extended period.

Keeps Away Rodents

When you’re dealing with standing water caused by debris build-up, you’re also dealing with the possibility of insects breeding, since they thrive in damp environments. Once insects breed and hatch on the court, rodents that eat bugs might see it as a potential feeding ground. It’s safe to assume that you probably don’t want to be dealing with rats and raccoons making regular appearances on your tennis court.

Catches Minor Damage

Regularly cleaning your court allows you to catch the little problems like minor cracks, dips in the surface, and anything else that could become a bigger problem if left unchecked. Over time those cracks will get bigger, especially if you have winters where the water from rain will reach freezing point, turning into ice inside the cracks, which will widen them. By calling a contractor to get these minor damages fixed, you’re saving a good chunk of money that you would otherwise spend on major repairs if you neglect to fix the smaller issues first.

Heightens Playing Performance

With a smooth and even surface free of debris and damage, you enhance player performance on the court, physically and mentally. A problem-free surface puts the mind at ease, consequently letting players perform with higher speeds and less hesitation. Plus, even if you have players that will play no matter the condition of the court, things like dips, cracks, and debris are going to impede things like ball bounce. Taking away these problems ensures a smooth and fair game overall.

Spruces Up the Appearance

The condition of your tennis court is a reflection of the community that it belongs to, so if your court is shabby, people may wrongly assume things about the area in which the tennis court belongs. You can’t help the stains from rotting leaves and marks left by skateboards, they’re inevitable, but you can schedule those periodic cleanings to keep your court looking as good as new. Making your tennis court presentable not only becomes a positive reflection of the community, but it attracts more players as well.

Prolongs the Lifespan

Neglecting minor damages, letting debris stand, and letting fungus grow are all going to degrade your court. The less you pay attention to the condition of the area, the quicker it’s going to become unusable. Performing periodic maintenance and removing all issues guarantees that you’re able to achieve a longer lifespan for your tennis court and get the most use out of it as possible.

Periodic maintenance of your tennis court is crucial to ensuring the safety, beauty, and longevity of your playing area. If you haven’t scheduled in regular cleanings already, be sure to do so, or hire a professional to assist you with the job. You’ll be improving the satisfaction of just about everyone who steps foot on the court.

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