The Correlation Of Footwear And A Person’s Health

posted by Chris Valentine

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Most people tend to choose footwear based on how pretty, trendy or appealing they are in terms of appearance. But, judging a book by its cover isn’t always a wise choice, especially when it comes to shoes. You’d be surprised to know that there’s a strong correlation between footwear and a person’s health, making the fact of being more aware even more important.

Here are a few reasons why choosing the right footwear is vital for your health:

Flat feet

Flat foot is a condition where the arches of the foot collapse, making the entire sole of the foot touch the ground due to a postural deformity in the arches of the foot. While many people relate this condition to a genetic health problem, or one that can be developed based on lifting heavy weights or being overweight, it can also be developed based on the shoes you wear. That’s why it is really important to make sure that you’re not only buying shoes that appear to look good, but that are also comfortable and suitable for your specific foot shape. When browsing through the options at findmyfootwear running shoes, you’ll find a variety of running shoes suitable for the different variations of flat foot conditions. They not only ensure comfort and style, but also guarantee that your foot gets the support it needs to avoid your foot condition to get worse.

Joint pain

Another common health problem that can be caused by choosing the wrong type of shoe is joint pain. That’s why it is essential to not only ensure that you’re getting comfortable shoes with the right support, but also that you wear the right shoes for the right occasion. There’s a reason why shoes are categorized into different sections with sneakers in various forms and for numerous uses. You’ll find a pair specifically for training, while others for running, walking or lifestyle. The reason behind this classification is that each activity involves different movements, requiring specific support according to the posture it involves. So, if you end up wearing walking shoes for running, you could easily find that you develop joint pains, as they are not getting the support required for the action involved. When buying lifestyle shoes, it is also essential to guarantee that they provide enough cushioning and support equivalent to your daily activities to avoid stressing out the joints and resulting in pain or damage.

Back pain

Wearing inappropriate footwear can lead to many health problems or injuries, one of which is back pain. When wearing shoes that are uncomfortable, it can really affect your back, especially if heels are involved. The posture that the body is forced into when wearing shoes with heels, adds strain on the back, causing severe back pain when the use of this type of footwear is prolonged. That is because the lumbar spinal muscle action can be intense with the overuse of inappropriate footwear, which leads to stiffening of the muscle and postural changes. The compression on the intervertebral disc can also lead to lower back pain. For women, It is entirely difficult to eliminate the use of high heels, however, there are other ways to reduce the risk factors involved. This could be done by only wearing them when necessary, or by changing into high heels at the last minute instead of wearing them for the entire day. The pain can also be reduced by ensuring that the shoes themselves are manufactured well and that the ergonomics of the foot and back are well-supported.

Nail problems

Many people tend to suffer from nail problems – not only due to wearing the wrong type of shoes, but also wearing footwear that doesn’t fit well. Ingrown toenails are a result of shoes that are too tight, pushing the skin into the nail plate. This is not only painful, but can also be a real nuisance. There are also several fungal infections that can be caused as an effect of wearing inappropriate shoes. These results in toenail infections that can lead to discoloration and brittleness of the nail, and really affect the appearance of the nails, making a person very weary about showing their feet in public.

There’s so much more to choosing the right footwear than just being trending and in line with the latest fashion tips. With shoes having a direct impact on your health, feet, joints and even causing infections, it is essential to take into consideration that you’re getting the appropriate shoes for your foot type as well as the occasion and activity you’ll be needing the shoes for. With the right support, you can happily avoid any health problems due to your choice in footwear.

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