Gear, Strategy, and Beyond: A Brief Guide to Golf for Beginners

posted by Chris Valentine

Golf is an interesting sport. On one hand, it’s not as physically intense as basketball, football, or tennis. However, golf can be just as challenging, if not more challenging than its more physical counterparts.

For one, golf requires incredible mental focus. Furthermore, it takes time and consistent effort to improve your swing and minimize your total number of strokes. They say golf is a game that is impossible to perfect.

As someone new to golf, it never hurts to have a little help. That’s what we’re here for. Follow along for a quick guide to golf for beginners.

Get Fitted for Clubs

First, if you’re planning on getting into golf and take the sport seriously, you need to get fitted for clubs. That doesn’t mean you have to pay for custom-made golf clubs.

However, you should go to a professional golf club outfitter and get measured for the appropriate clubs. Unlike some other sports equipment, a golf club is not a one-size-fits-all tool.

A taller person needs longer clubs, and a shorter person needs shorter clubs. Appropriately-sized clubs will help improve your accuracy and make your swing easier to control.

Get the Right Apparel

As a beginner golfer, you probably don’t understand the importance of golf apparel. We promise it’s not just a fashion statement. The right golf clothes and shoes help improve performance.

Golf shoes, for example, are spiked, which helps you keep good footing during powerful swings. They can also help prevent you from slipping while walking up grassy slopes, particularly if the grass is wet.

Practice Your Short Game

Many people who start playing golf fall in love with driving the ball long distances. However, one of the most important aspects of golf for beginners is to focus on your short game.

Your short game demands the most technical skills. Whether you’re using your wedge for lofting the ball high in the air or your putter to get the ball in the hole, your short game is where the strokes really add up.

Go to the Driving Range

Despite the importance of your short game, however, you shouldn’t neglect your driving skills. One of the most effective golf strategies is learning how to get the ball as close to the hole as possible on the first stroke.

This takes tons of driving range practice. You not only need to learn how to drive the ball long distances but also how to drive it accurately.

Get the Best Gear

Finally, you need to invest in quality golf gear. Not only can the right gear improve your technique, but it can make your time on the green much easier.

For example, find a golf divot tool, because even veteran golfers take a chunk out of the turf every once and a while. You can also look into better quality golf balls, golf tees, golf bags, and more.

Want More Golf for Beginners Advice?

As you can see, there are tons of golf for beginners tips you need to learn to improve your game. However, as with any skill in life, practice makes perfect. Take your time improving your game and be patient, golf is a technically demanding sport.

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