How To Select A Gold Shower Head For Your Bathroom

posted by Chris Valentine

Gold shower heads can add a lot of class to a bathroom. Bathrooms that do not have any form of fancy decoration are at a very advantage with the addition of one of these stunning fixtures. A gold shower head is usually attached to a chrome-plated shower tray, making this a truly beautiful fixture. Multiple brushed gold shower heads can also be fixed on to white, polished marble shower surround tiles, as long as the gold shower head is attached to a chrome-plated shower tray.

You will need at least two gold plated fixtures for this project. You can choose to purchase a readymade fixture from a bathroom fixture shop or you can save some time and effort by making your own. The Internet is a good place to start for ideas on how to make a gold shower head. Many websites give detailed instructions for building such a faucet.

Before you begin assembling your shower head, you need to prepare the plumbing for it. Make sure that all the pipe fittings are in good working order. The first step is to install the baseboard radiator and heater. The next step is to place the drain trap and tub faucet. After this is done, you are ready to assemble the gold-plated fixtures and the faucet. You should always keep some extra plumbers’ tape handy to ensure that the pieces are well fixed.

It would be advisable to test the gold-tone shower heads on an out extension first. This will ensure that it works properly. If you are using a small bathroom, you can easily place this fixture on the wall behind the toilet. In case you have a large bathroom, then you may have to make some modifications to the existing plumbing.

If you choose the double shower kit option, then you will get two pieces of the tiled bathtub and two pieces of brushed gold finish. The first step is to take off the protective covering of the tiled bathtub and wash it with a soapy solution. Now you have to take out the two sections of the tiled bathtub and expose the gold plated finish.

Clean the gold plated finish thoroughly with mild abrasive material. Once this is done, you may have to sand the surfaces to achieve a smooth and even finish. If you prefer the brushed gold finish, then you need to sand the surface using fine-grit sandpaper. Before you apply the PVD finish to the tiled surface, make sure that you rinse it thoroughly with water and soap.

A brushed gold finish is available in different varieties like golden, white, and brushed silver. These different varieties are obtained by using different metal alloys. There are also those brushed gold showers, which are made from 18-karat gold. Also, the older gold showerheads had a copper plate but the new ones use nickel-plated plates. Some manufacturers also produce models that are not made entirely of gold.

These nickel-plated models are usually referred to as antique models. They are durable and long-lasting when it comes to the gold-tone models. You should bear in mind that the antique models are more costly as compared to the new and solid brass shower head. Although you may have to spend a lot on your bathroom fixtures, you can be assured that these will last for a lifetime.

Because this kind of head offers you an excellent design, it is advisable to get a head that has a full-size design. You can easily find several such head designs in the market, which include classic, contemporary, and transitional styles. The transitional design view full-size chrome shower fixtures are ideal for those who have a contemporary or modern design theme in their bathroom.

If you want a full-size design, you can select the antique faucets with the gold-tone. The faucet designs include the pedestal style and the wall-mounted version. If you want a classical look for your bathroom, you can consider getting the marble surround tiles. The area which is covered by the marble surround tiles is smaller than the actual area of the bathtub. The effect of having such a large space in the bathroom is something that you cannot miss.

If you are not into the traditional style, you can go for the brushed gold shower head. You can also select the polished chrome, brushed silver, or antique faucets with the gold-tone. The brushed gold features a modernized look and the interiors view full-size chrome shower fixtures that can work wonders on your bathroom. You can also add in some gold accessories to get a modernistic feel to the place.

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