5 tips for raising a dog inside an apartment

posted by Chris Valentine

Dogs have been man’s best friend for the past 15,000 years. This means that, no matter where or when, since the prehistoric times, people will have a canine companion by their side. This proves to be a bit of a challenge with modern and fast-paced lifestyles in urban dwellings.

You’ll find below a few tips on how to keep your dog healthy and happy while living in an apartment in a big city.

Keep them in shape

If you are getting a dog, you should know that it should be a commitment. Puppies and adult dogs need regular exercise on a daily basis. Inside an apartment, there isn’t usually much room for your friend to run around or play. Therefore, you should ideally exercise them twice a day, by taking it for a walk, visit a park and let out energy.

Visit your vet regularly

Living in an apartment complex usually means that you have common areas shared with your neighbors and their pets. This can increase the risks of contracting parasites and other common diseases that if not treated, can seriously harm your pet and you.

If you are a smoker, turning to a smoke-free nicotine alternative, such as vaping or using a nicotine patch, can be healthier for your pet as well. Second hand smoking can also affect dogs and reduce their life expectancy. Click here to see more information about getting a nicotine pouch.

Make sure they have their own space

Dogs and other pets will find easier to relax if they have their own designated space in your house. It should have its food, a few toys and their bed. This should make them feel comfortable enough to lie down there whenever they need a break.

Placing a mat underneath its area will also make sure your floors are more protected against scratching, drooling and any other mess your friend will eventually make.

Create a routine and stick to it

Dogs are happier whenever they follow a routine every day. If anything out of the ordinary happens, it can make them anxious and prone to misbehaving. Ideally, it is better if you feed them and go out for a walk at the same time every day. This should keep their metabolism regulated and healthy.

Regular training should also be part of your routine with your dog. Living in an apartment means that your dog can be a nuisance to neighbors if not properly trained. You can find many tutorials and other information online about canine behavior and how to reduce barking, for example. Teaching commands will also make feeding and controlling your pet easier.

Get some external help if needed

If your routine requires you to be away from home for long hours or you plan on being out for a few days and can’t take your friend with you, then having a friend or a neighbor around that you can trust to help is always good to make sure your dog gets its food and regular exercise even if you are gone.

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