Can You Teach Your Dog To Talk With Buttons?

posted by Chris Valentine

Have you ever wondered if your dog wanted to talk to you? The latest dog talking button technology could help you do just that. Button talking technology is known as assistive language technology and is generating a huge amount of interest across the internet as more people experiment with this exciting new field of inter species communication.

Although this idea has been around for some time several companies are now offering easy to use kits so that anyone can now train their dogs to use words. These button kits feature a range of buttons, and each button is programmed for a different word.

These simple words include things like ‘outside’, ‘walk’ or ‘play’. By providing a full range of buttons dogs can choose what they want to do, or at least communicate to their owners what they would like to do.

Smart Tech For Dogs

Companies like Fluent Pet are leading the market with sets of buttons arranged on tiles so that your dogs don’t accidentally start chewing their favourite button. They also feature built in microphones so that you can record the words you use and have stickers so that you can identify each button.

By arranging the buttons on different tiles, the owner can separate sections of the board into easy-to-understand blocks. One tile can be for places, one for actions and one for objects. This helps the dogs to differentiate between words as each tile has a separate theme.

As with all dog training, the results are going to vary for each dog and how much time the owner puts into training them. Some dogs will be able to learn much faster than others and dogs that are already well trained will be able to pick up more words in a shorter space of time.

Do They Really Work?

We all know that our pets can express themselves in different ways. Everyone that has a dog is used to them doing things like wagging their tail or barking to get our attention. So, can these buttons actually teach your dog to talk? Unlike crypto thrills casino no deposit bonus codes, the answer to this question isn’t as straightforward to get to.

Well, no one knows for sure, as the scientists are still undecided on this. By using positive reinforcement, like giving your dog a treat when they do the right thing, it is possible to train your dog to recognise sounds.

Although this tech may look like your dog is talking there is a lot more to language than just recognising sounds. Being able to speak a language involves combing multiple words to create meaning. So far it is unclear whether dogs can imagine a narrative or if they can have abstract thoughts.

What these buttons can do is to help train your dog to recognise and use different words. This tech allows owners to have a much more involved relationship with their dog than just saying: ‘fetch’, when you throw a ball.

This allows for you to develop a much deeper relationship with your dog than ever before. However talented you think your dog is, we are still a long way from actually sharing a language and being able to have a conversation with your dog about the neighbour’s cat.

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