Charles Wooten – Reasons to Fall in Love With NOLA

posted by Chris Valentine

Last year a friend and I made a road trip from Houston down to Miami, and we were looking for places to stop in-between. At one point we considered going up to the likes of Memphis and really making a big trip of it all. We were catching up with this travel show and a New Orleans resident, Charles Wooten, was discussing how amazing his city was. My buddy and I had always been interested in NOLA so we planned 3 days to spend there, and couldn’t wait. I have to be honest, after a long journey from Houston, we rolled in across the swamp and we were instantly excited. This turned out to be an amazing trip and here is exactly why you are going to love this city too.

Culture Clash

The first thing that you spot when you are in New Orleans is this fascinating clash of cultures which have found their way to the city over the years. Not only do you have this amazing French influence but you also have the creole culture which has come from Caribbean nations like Haiti. All of this contributes perfectly to the landscape of the city and the likes of the food and the rhythm of the city, truly incredible for such a small space.


The nightlife in NOLA is pretty much what the place is famous for and it is easy to see why. There isn’t so much of a nightclub culture so don’t expect that, but there are some seriously cool bars to visit. There is a reason why Mardi Gras is celebrated here each year, and that is because the city loves to dance and party like there is no tomorrow. What happens in NOLA, stays in NOLA.

Live Music

Something which I enjoyed most about the city was the enormous range of live music which you find, and this is literally everywhere in the city. When you walk down to the likes of Bourbon Street you walk past many bars and inside each one there is a different kind of music being played. We all know of course that NOLA is home to jazz and blues, and there are some absolutely incredible talents which you can find in the most simple of bars.

Incredible Food Options

Because of the clash of cultures which we discussed, there is also this amazing impact on the food in the city. On the one hand you have food from the deep south such as barbecue and slow cooked meats, on the other hand you have creole-style food like Jambalaya and Gumbo, not to mention the delicious po’boys which you will find in the city. There is so much food to choose from here and the quality is exceptionally high. No matter if you are buying food on the market or in a restaurant, you are going to find that it is almost all delicious and very interesting flavors too.

NOLA, make sure that you get it on your wishlist.

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