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Florida: This Saturday! In Lakeland! Reality Redneck Games!

posted by Chris Valentine
<em>Let's Git Er Done!</em>

Let's Git Er Done!

Source: The Ledger

The Reality Redneck Games

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Lakeland Motorsports Park Mud Hole
8100 State Road 33 N.,
Lakeland, Florida
WHEN: Noon to midnight Saturday.
$15 for whole day; $10 after 5 p.m.; kids 12 and younger free.

The event is an offshoot of the annual Summer Redneck Games in Georgia, which arose as a countrified alternative to the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. Saturday’s event will feature opening ceremonies, at which someone carrying a torch (a flaming bundle of beer cans) will ignite a sacred receptacle (a barbecue grill).

Jeremiah Hatfield, one of the event’s organizers, hosts a segment on Arsenio Hall’s TV show “World’s Funniest Moments” called “Reality Rednecks.



  • Wheel Toss, (substitute for the discus)
  • Bobbing for Pig’s Feet
  • Beer Pong
  • Mud Football
  • Redneck Croquet, (contestants use sledgehammers to whack bowling balls wrapped in duct tape through wickets made of rebar)
  • Drive-shaft javelin throw
  • Bowling-ball shot put
  • Toilet seat toss
  • Redneck American Idol (karaoke contest)

Organizers hope to make the Reality Redneck Games a twice-yearly event in Lakeland. The entry free for teams is $250, with proceeds going to the American Cancer Society. A regular schedule of mud racing at Lakeland Motorsports Park will begin at 7 p.m.


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