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Nobody Interested In Buying World’s Largest Record Collection

posted by Chris Valentine
<em>Somebody please buy my records, for God's sake!</em>

Somebody please buy my records, for God's sake!

Paul Mawhinney built up the largest collection of vinyl in the world (over 3 million records), over a span of 50 years. He was trying to sell it through his website (since taken down). Valued at over $50 million (US dollars) he can’t seem to find any takers at even $3 million.

See the video below:

Because of health and financial problems, Mawhinney is trying to sell the collection but unfortunately nobody seems to be interested. An Ebay auction was attempted but fell through a few months ago. It would appear that in the age of the iPod, nobody wants records. I think the real problem, though, is that the people who would really love to have the records aren’t millionaires and would certainly not own a warehouse big enough to store them, while millionaires probably wouldn’t know what to do with 3 million records even if they had them.

(Source: Gizmodo)

Basically, nobody gives a damn. – Paul Mawhinney

<em>With your generous 3 million dollar donation this abandoned collection can find a good home.</em>

With your generous 3 million dollar donation this abandoned collection can find a good home.

Every time I buy records I always wonder about it becoming an expensive hobby/addiction. I look at Paul Mawhinney and wonder no more.

Thanks to Glossolalia Black for the link!

Update on World’s Largest Record Collection

December 5, 2012

Currently, the world’s largest record collection remains unsold. In 2009, an engineer named William Vanden Dries formed a non-profit called The Audio Preservation Fund, which was to open a museum using donations of record collections from around the world. The idea was to raise enough funds through donations to purchase Mawhinney’s collection, but this failed, and Vanden Dries and Mawhinney parted ways. However, the preservation fund continues. (source: Wikipedia)

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