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Switzerland’s No-Star (Null Stern) Hotel

posted by Chris Valentine

In the Swiss town of Sevelen (population 4000), you can stay for the night in an interesting no-frills kind of way – in a nuclear bomb shelter deep underground. With the threat of nuclear confrontation gone with the collapse of communism, the bunkers are viewed by most Swiss towns as nothing more than a deep hole on the municipal budget. Artist brothers Frank and Patrik Riklin have solved the problem by converting the nuclear bomb shelter into a no-frills hotel called “Null Stern” (aka “No-Star Hotel”).

<em>Null Stern Hotel - Entrance Area</em>

Null Stern Hotel - Entrance Area

From the UK Sun:

Guests staying at the Null Stern do not get central heating, but they will get hot water bottles. The ventilation system makes a lot of noise, so every guest also gets a pair of earplugs. Standard beds come in the form of military-style bunks. For a little extra money, you can get the “luxury” room, which replaces the bunks with antique beds from a condemned hotel. You’ll also get slippers to keep your feet warm as you walk across the hotel’s concrete floors. Hot showers? You’ll have to enter a draw with other guests for that. Also remember that there are no windows, only some monitors located in reception.

<em>Front Door</em>

Front Door

Null Stern/No-Star started off as an art project by the Riklins, but the twins soon turned it into a business when there was a lot of interest from potential guests.

<em>A First Class Room</em>

A First Class Room

More at the official site.

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