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Horry Kow, Fukudome! Cubs Put Kibosh On Offensive T-Shirt

posted by Chris Valentine

Your basic unlicensed sports product usually is a piece of crap printed with improper Pantones and the occasional spelling error. This one, however, drew the ire of the Cubs by taking a shot at Kosuke Fukudome’s Japanese heritage (and, additionally, to add insult to injury, was replete with a mock-up of Harry Caray’s eyeglasses):

Horry Kow! Fukudome!
Image of the offending garment.

Cubbies’ management was able to drop the cease and desist on the production of this one immediately due to the use of the team logo in the background.

At OddCulture we are more interested in why the obvious insinuations about someone named FUK-U-DO-ME were skipped over in favor of a bad slant-eye joke (maybe Abercrombie and Fitch will pick up on that at a later date).

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