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Man Builds Office Chair That Reports Farts On Twitter

posted by Chris Valentine
<em>The stories this sensor could tell...oh, it's telling them?</em>

The stories this sensor could tell...oh, it's telling them?

From Gizmodo:

Randy Sarafan decided to make this office chair to help “accurately document and share life as it happens,” which is as admirable a cause as there ever has been to open a Twitter account. A natural gas sensor does the sniffing; an Arduino does the thinking; an Squidbee wireless module does the communicating; Twitter does the sharing.

<em>Tweet... fart... tweet... fart...</em>

Tweet... fart... tweet... fart...

Go here if you want to know how to make your own chair-fart-sensor-twittering-thing. Go here to read the Office Chair’s tweets. Go here to buy gas masks.

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