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Detroit Mayor Doesn’t Want Robocop Statue

posted by Chris Valentine

Detroit Mayor Dave Bing said recently on his Twitter account that there were no plans for a Robocop statue. Bing has consulted the internets for ideas on reviving the city, and the RoboCop statue was one suggestion.

In other news, Bing has created a program that will let police officers get homes for $1,000 and $150,000 in grants for fixing them up. The idea is to get the cops out of the suburbs and back into the city.

Your move, cops!

Source: Yahoo!

Robocop Statue - Detroit

Update – February 17, 2011

The supporters of the Robocop statue idea started a fundraising site with a goal of collecting $50,000 for the statue. They reached their goal and then sum, partly thanks to a contribution from a guy at Omni Consumer Products. This is a real OCP – they make “licensed versions of fictional products” like Stay Puft Marshmallows and Brawndo: The Thirst Mutilator!

The statue is planned to go to Imagination Station on Roosevelt Park.

Source: Popular Science

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