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Don’t Let a Sexual Assault Charge Ruin Your Reputation

posted by Chris Valentine

Brought up on a wrongful Sexual Assault Charge? Don't let it ruin you ... photo by CC user maveric2003 on FlickrPhoto by CC user maveric2003 on Flickr

A sexual assault charge (rightly or wrongly) can change a person’s life forever.

In the cases where the charge ends up proving correct, no one (except perhaps the defendant and their lawyers) will likely argue the decision.

On the other hand, where the charge is suspect at best, there is every reason for the defendant, family members, and defense lawyers etc. to battle the charge.

That said getting the assistance you need to fight a questionable sexual assault charge doesn’t have to prove bothersome and overly expensive.

With that in mind, don’t let a sexual assault charge ruin your reputation.

Take the Fight to the Courts

In order for a sexual assault defendant to win his (sometimes it can be a woman) case, finding the right legal minds may seem to be a chore. Quite to the contrary, there are many great defense lawyers out there who can put the defendant in the best light, oftentimes getting the charges removed.

So, do you know what it takes to win your case?

Among the factors to focus-in on:

  1. Hiring the right defense – For starters, make sure you do your best to locate the best defense team. While you’re not going to be trying to compile a Hollywood A-List team of attorneys, you do want the men or women who are best capable of proving the chargers against you to be false. Whether you seek a Houston sex crimes lawyer or one closer to your neck of the woods, make sure he or she is as qualified as possible to handle your case. Just as they do vetting, you should too. Look to see how long they have been in the legal field, what their success to failure ratio is on cases, what level of customer service they offer clients, and if any clients have had major dust-ups with them;
  2. Backing up your case – Proving that you’re innocent of any and all sexual assault charges can be difficult, but it does not have to prove impossible. First off, having an alibi (witness or witnesses of course are the best) to show you were not in the exact place or even the vicinity of where the alleged victim said you were proves crucial. One factor to look at is video surveillance. If there is no video surveillance of you coming to or leaving the scene of the reported attack, that certainly benefits your case. You can also use video surveillance as far as showing that you were somewhere else at the time of the alleged assault. Any evidence that works to your case should be presented to your defense team as early as possible, allowing them to piece a timeline together before you go to court. The more evidence in your favor (see more below), the better you will be to stay stress free during this ordeal;
  3. Poking holes in the prosecution’s story – Any good lawyer will tell you that debunking the other side’s version of events is key to escaping a sexual assault conviction. That said look to do all you can to point out inconsistencies in the prosecution’s version of events. If the case goes to a jury, you just need to leave them a slither of doubt in order for you to come out ahead.
  4. Noting a positive past – If this is your first time being accused of something as serious as a sexual assault, highlighting a clean past certainly does not hurt. Assuming you’ve not been in trouble with the law before, make note of that, along with your employment, things you do in the community etc. While you’re not likely to brag about working at a McDonald’s counter (if that is the case), having a full-time job in a well-thought-of business field can’t be a bad thing. Strong family ties are also important to point out.


With all the bad that can come out of a sexual assault charge, keep in mind that your reputation might never recover.

Even if you are found innocent of the charge or charges, the lingering notoriety from the case could haunt you for many years to come.

That being the case, do your best to show the court why your version of events is the truth and nothing but the truth.

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