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Wacky and strange competitions from around the world

posted by Chris Valentine

Wife carrying is one of many strange competitions that have gained attention in recent years ... Photo by CC user Cortney Paxton / U.S. Air Force (public domain)

Sports take place all over the world and almost any type of game can be turned into a competition, with anything from two people vying to be the crowned champion up to thousands. From football and tennis to chess and marbles, some sports are more common than others but then there are the strange sports – the weird and wonderful sports that only a few have even heard of and now we’re going to take a look at some of the wackiest sports out there in a bid to uncover the most obscure sports in the world.

Wife Carrying

Did you know that carrying your wife is actually considered to be a serious racing technique? Wife carrying was first introduced in Finland in 1992 where the world championship event now takes place and winners will be awarded beer that weighs the same as their wife and there are many other wife carrying competitions held throughout the UK, Australia and Spain. Contestants have to carry their wives around a track filled with obstacles and the winner is the man who crosses the finish line with their wife still on their back first. Everything from the fireman’s carry to the classic piggyback technique can be used and prizes are handed out for everything from most entertaining couple to the best costume.

Rock, Paper, Scissors

While many of us resort to the classic game of rock, paper, scissors when trying to determine a designated driver for the night or to decide who has to do the laundry for the next week, it is also a serious sporting event. Held in The Green Man pub in London every year, 250 people participate during the three-hour long event and involves numerous rounds and battles until an ultimate winner will be crowned champion.

Head to the Ladbrokes website to find a useful guide on how to master rock, paper, scissors and who knows – maybe next year you will be ready to enter the competition to be crowned RPS champion.

Snail Racing

Who would have guessed there is actually sport where we race our slippery, slimy, shell-carry garden friends? Snails move at a slow pace, so it’s safe to say this competition isn’t action-packed but fun it sure is! Only land snails, also known as garden snails, can compete in snail racing and races take place everywhere from Melbourne to Norfolk. Ready, Steady … Slow!

Stone Skimming

Everyone has childhood memories of stone skipping but it is now considered to be a sport in some parts of the world. The World Stone Skipping Championships take places annually in Argyll, Scotland and anyone of any age is welcome to enter. Everyone is allowed three skims and each stone must skim the surface of the water a minimum of three times to qualify for judging. A whopping 350 people competed last year and various cups and trophies are handed out as prizes to the winners in different categories.

Office Chair Racing

We have all sat in one but who knew you could race them? Held in Germany, the office chair racing competition welcomes all kinds of modified chairs and their owners to take part with the fastest speed ever to be recorded breaking the speedometer at 35kms per hour – yes, on a chair! Prizes are handed out for the best chairs, the craziest outfits and of course the chair to cross the finish line first – who ever said that office work was dull?

From charming worms out the of the ground through to shin kicking competitions, there are all kinds of crazy sports of there, so put your football kit away, hide your tennis shoes and retire the rugby ball and check out some wackier ideas.

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