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Troopertrek – Star Wars Stormtrooper Tours Australia

posted by Chris Valentine
Australia - Stormtrooper

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Jacob French is a big fan of Star Wars. So when he decided to tour Australia, he did it dressed up as a Star Wars stormtrooper. He calls it “Troopertrek.”

Hoping to raise over $50,000 for a charity called the Starlight Children’s Foundation, French is currently walking 3,000 miles – from the city of Perth to the city of Sydney. Dressed in his stormtrooper uniform, of course.

Jacob French belongs to the “501st Legion”, which calls itself “The World’s Definitive Imperial Costuming Organization.” Basically, a group of Star Wars geeks who like to dress up. French has already run a half-marathon wearing the costume – uh, we mean, uniform. By the way, you can refer to him by his designation – TK-6283.

Source: Seattle PI

TrooperTrek - Australia - Jacob French

The uniform should protect him from drop bears, too.

Jacob French - TrooperTrek

Times Are Tough Since The "Death Star" Incident

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