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Mullet Boy Wins Trophy in Jacksonville

posted by Chris Valentine

“Mullet Boy” wins the mullet contest (and a trophy) in Jacksonville, Florida:

Mullet Boy
Mullet Boy: Ummm… which one is he?

Kingsland has a celebrity of sorts living within its royal walls; it is home to a young and shy boy whose hair has been deemed “the best mullet in Jacksonville.” And he has a massive six-foot trophy to prove it.

Dakota Russ, 9, stood in front of thousands of people in the pit of Jacksonville’s Alltel stadium at the Monster Jam truck show and showed off his pride and glory: his long, raven mullet.

Dakota took home the six-foot trophy, which is topped with a little man who has a mullet. Also, for a whole year, he has bragging rights – he can say he truly has the best mullet in Jacksonville.

The story goes on to say that he plans to enter the contest in the future, but he may have some tough competition next year … his dad may enter too.

Of course this came out of Jacksonville. Where else would it come from?

Source: Tribune and Georgian

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