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Odd Royal Memorabilia

posted by Chris Valentine


More than £243m has been spent in the UK after the birth of Prince George on royal memorabilia.People are proud with their royal memorabilia, as it makes them to feel connected with the Royal family to some extent. Perhaps the intrigue around the Royal birth is related to the fascination with his romantic parents, William and Kate. Ever since the Royal Wedding in 2011 Britain has become enamored with the young and modern royals, and everything related to them. As the couple attempt to make themselves more relateable to a changing Britain, it seems their biggest fans have jumped on the bandwagon, creating replica dolls and other odd items in their honor, much like happens with a celebrity. As more and more people round the world catch Royal Fever, trinkets of commemoration are flying off the shelves.  But where once these trinkets were coins, plates, stamps and spoons, the modern take on royal memorabilia is a bit more odd. Donuts, sick-bags, pill-boxes, potties, embroidered nappies, are some of the more ridiculous items the birth of Prince George gave us – the royal baby birth is definitely an event that almost every person is cashing in on.


The royal family itself is producing the Royal Collection Trust with traditional memorabilia. As is standard in any event in the Royals’ lives, the birth of Prince George has been marked with souvenirs available for public purchase. If they can afford them, that is! Some of the items include the pricey  £90  teddy bear or  £195 for a single mug. They have stuck with all the traditional household items however, steering clear of rude and crude memorabilia as seen on the high street. And while the royals are cashing in on the event, many high street retailers and entrepreneurs are attempting the same. But rather than overpriced teddy bears and mugs, they are producing odd royal memorabilia more suited to a young and fun generation. The expensive items from the Royal Collection are puchased by collectors adding to unique collections. People are ready to pay for memorabilia, but within reason, as they want to take part in specific notable events of significance. Obviously, there are many fans around the world that are desperately willing to pay any cost to complete their royal collections, so that many sellers invest in these items to take advantage of them later. The Royal Collections Trust limits the amount of products available for purchase, meaning they will hold their value for years to come, whereas the cheaper versions will not.

This growing tendency tends to flood the market with millions of different souvenirs  that makes the choice for avid collectors very hard.  Today, the choice is unlimited and readily available with items popping up online.The tendency to produce memorabilia is not new, but the items are becoming increasingly creative. Lord knows how the Royal Family will react to having a toilet seat designed in their honor. Obviously, some others less patriotic tuned people buy odd royal memorabilia just for fun. Such ridiculous items are crown jewel condoms, royal wedding refrigerator, toilet seat cover, William and Kate life size cutout, royal Viagra beer, royal ring and even nail decals with engagement of Prince William and Kate Middleton to name a few.


One such odd royal memorabilia fanatic and collector is Margaret Tyler, who opened her doors to guests in 2012 for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. A couple, who wish to spend a night in her shrine, should pay £75 per night, but the price included a guided tour of her Royal collection that amounts to an amazing number of 10,000 objects. It is believed that Tyler’s collection is the largest in the U.K. Owning of these Royal things makes her feel more patriotic.



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