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Starbucks Opens In Funeral Home

posted by Chris Valentine

Those who think the chain of Starbucks stores is too ubiquitous might want to stay away from this story about a Starbucks opening in a funeral home. The Robinson Funeral Home in Easley, SC will add a new section to their facilities which will be called Coffee Corner. The section will be a franchised Starbucks store, which will be located next to Robinson’s existing areas which include the chapel.

From WSPA:

The owner, Chris Robinson, explains how coffee has always been part of the family business, saying his great-grandfather started the funeral home inside a main street general store, where people would gather and drink coffee. About his new Starbucks venture: “You walk in the front, and it’s off to the side,” Robinson said. “It’s not like it’s right up front.”

The coffee will be available for public consumption, but it won’t be free for funeral goers. They’ll have to make due with the homemade stuff that the funeral home has always served. Since the funeral home Starbucks is not a full-sized establishment, there will be no Starbucks signs on the building exterior (but we couldn’t help but photoshop a few anyway).

Starbucks in Funeral Home

“Our coffee is so strong, it might wake the dead!”

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