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Mother Shoots Son At Casselberry Gun Range In Murder/Suicide

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When Casselberry police arrived at the Shoot Straight Gun Range on South U.S. Highway 17-92, they found two people had been shot in an apparent murder-suicide. Police identified the man as 20-year-old Mitchel Moore. The shooter, his mother, was identified as 44-year-old Marie Moore. Eyewitnesses said the pair was acting strangely and then the woman ran out of the room to get more ammunition. When she returned, eyewitnesses said, she shot her son and then turned the gun on herself. Eyewitness Jim Copertino was in shooting target practice next to the pair and said the mother and son appeared hyper and jittery, as if they were on drugs. Police said Marie Moore has a history of mental illness. (Source: WFTV)



On his MySpace page, Mitchel Moore looks happy holding his small dog. Some of Moore’s friends have already written condolences on his message board.

His girlfriend left a message on his comments section saying “I love you <3 im so excited for the cruise! we’re gunna have so much fun. we need time alone =)”


This is heartbreaking.


Contents of Suicide Note left by Marie Moore
Source: WFTV

Marie Moore, 44, claimed the end of the world was coming and she wanted to save her son. She wrote three suicide notes to her boyfriend, whom she called “King.” She called herself “Queen” and her son “Prince.” She wrote “I’m so sorry. I had to send my son to heaven and myself to hell.” She signed the letter, “Failed Queen.” Other notes said: “Save yourself you go to heaven with Mitch I love you forever and ever.” and “The tape explains everything.”

Casselberry police said the tape is a rambling three-hour diatribe. Marie Moore seemed to be punishing herself for something she won’t reveal.

“Hi King,” Marie Moore said on the tape. “I’m sorry to leave you like this. I know this is a horrifying thing and I hate leaving you behind, but I had to save my son and send myself to hell for what I’ve done. I’ve screwed everything up for us. When you made me a queen. God tried to make me a queen too and you’re really a king. I’m a fallen angel.” “I had to save you from getting your head chopped off and you have a gun you can do it,” Marie Moore said in the recording. “I have to die and go to hell so there can be a thousand years of peace on earth. God’s turned me into the Anti-Christ.”

Bizarrely, the ghost of Mitchel seems to have updated his MySpace page:

“god has new plans for me, now im your guardian angel baby, im watching over u right now.. i cant wait till i see u, and my family again.. thankyou everyone
Mood: angel/peaceful angel/peacefula t 3:09 PM Apr 7”


How odd.

Update – April 28, 2009

Second Suicide At Shoot Straight Gun Range

WFTV Orlando:

The Casselberry gun range became a crime scene for the second time in a month, after 26-year-old Jason McCarthy of Winter Springs rented a gun and killed himself inside the range Monday. He shot himself in the head. The owner’s attorney said they are asking the state to allow them to do background checks on customers before they rent guns. Until then, they will no longer rent guns to customers.

Apparently, the Shoot Straight gun range in Casselberry has an odd effect on customers. Like, causing them to commit suicide.

Like Marie Moore, who just three weeks ago shot and killed her son and then herself at the range, McCarthy also had mental problems.

Jaeger believes the problem is that the state does not allow background checks unless customers buy a gun. As a result, the store can only rely on people who rent guns to tell the truth when they sign a form that asks about felony convictions, your mental state and whether you take medication.

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