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Prostitute Training In China

posted by Chris Valentine


This might sound like a joke, but it is actually not. The Chinese have come up with a novel way of training prostitutes in the skills required for their trade. Gone are the days of a pimp or Madame, now there’s a professional lecturer to educate on charm, appearance and money. A video has been leaked online, though its origins are unknown and remains to be seen whether it is true. Here is the jist of whats in it:


For the business savvy prostitute in China, a program has been advised on how to increase their earnings. Whilst it’s uncertain if this course covers tips and tricks to please their clients, it does focus on the same business principles as in other, more legitimate businesses .Students/sex workers are taught to use social media in such way that they can increase their profits and outreach. This training is called a “prostitute training course”. They are taught to make use of the social media to market their services in best possible way and to teach young women to be more “practical”, which will ultimately bring them more money. So long for the days standing on streets hoping for the best, now they have the necessary tools to target their desired audience.


A video has been leaked from China which shows well-dressed women in corporate clothing being taught by a professor. The video itself shows a smart well-dressed female instructor telling girls how they can use Chinese Twitter and other social media to market themselves and to attract rich clients. The methods explained in the video are intended to boost their clientele and respectively to increase their earning. These are some of the “practical” methods that Chinese prostitutes are taught in this vice school and spread in a two-minute video clip, which authenticity is not yet verified.


Obviously, to succeed in this “business”, Chinese girls should strive to make a constant contact with the clients that are rich and drive back those that seem “losers”. Lecturers also lay special emphasis upon the online photos. The lecturer points to a girl projected on a wall, showing her as a sample for other girls as to how to wear hair and make-up. The makeup of the girl makes her more vibrant and young, underlining her pretty eyes. Girls should learn how to make photos that showcase their youthful spirit coupled with a sweet smile to attract men. They are encouraged to have professional photos taken.


The lecturer give a list of the best websites to use to get customers: popular social media sites such WeChat, Weibo and Momo. For example, Momo is an app for smart phones that allows easy communication between the users, even with those they have never met before. Many people opt for Momo when they search for casual sex.


The next lesson that young women should learn is how to maintain strong emotional connection with their rich clients, which will be based on regular communication, enabling them to have a long-tern “sugar-daddy”. The basis seemingly that having one rich man take care of you is better than multiple clients who pay poorly.


The origin of this video is still not verified, but it seems like one of the girls have been recorded it on her mobile phone and then leaked on the Internet. It has quickly spread on YouTube, Sohu, Youku and other video hosting websites.


Although prostitution is still forbidden in China and acknowledged as illegal, it increases fast throughout the country, even in the rural countryside. There are Red Light districts in both big cities and small towns where locals and travelers can phone and find prostitutes. Similar services are offered in hotel rooms too. As this industry expands, sex toy industry also gains popularity in China in such extend that this country alone produces about 70 percents of the global industry.


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