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Astronaut Lisa Nowak’s Diaper On Ebay

posted by Chris Valentine

Crazy astronaut Lisa Nowak’s “diaper” has turned up on eBay.

Lisa Nowak

I first saw this on, and I laughed because British people use the word nappy to describe diapers. They also smoke fags instead of cigarettes, stand in queues instead of lines, and have rows instead of arguments. Silly British.

Anyway, I’m getting off track.

Here is a mirror of the Ebay listing (now defunct).

Lisa Nowak Diaper

Contrary to popular belief, NASA Astronaut Lisa Nowak did actually make a couple of stops along the way on her journey from Houston, TX to Orlando, FL.

Up for bid is ONE of only a small handful of historic news media frenzy spawned memorabilia that we found left behind and that has come to be known as the Lisa Nowak NASA Astronaut DIAPER! It is clean and unused, and it can be YOURS if you are the lucky winning bidder.

Of all the interesting visitors we have enjoyed passing through here over the years, most people are our B&B guests who are staying for awhile and enjoying the true Southern Hospitality of this unique travel spot. But sometimes, because of our convenient location right on I-10 (at Exit 57), we do have a few folks that just want to grab a quick bite to eat and so they drop in for a nice warm breakfast and enjoy a hot buttered biscuit with some good old fashioned ribbon cane syrup or sorghum molasses or maybe they prefer our homemade pear preserves that started out hand picked from our pear trees out back. Occasionally a visitor will inadvertently forget and leave something behind as they are departing, especially when a person is in a big hurry to leave.

When Lisa Nowak passed through here on I-10 on her way from Houston to Orlando, maybe in her haste she just accidentally left behind some of her DIAPERS because of forgetfulness, …or maybe not; maybe she was just carrying around too big of a load and didn’t need as many diapers as originally anticipated, so perhaps she just wanted to lighten her load and maybe decided to DUMP them off as she was passing through. Who really knows? we reckon it all DEPENDS…

Whatever the reason, we usually employ every reasonable effort to try to reunite the rightful owner with any lost or forgotten belongings. In this case, however, we are certain that Lisa Nowak doesn’t want to see another diaper ever again and would probably prefer to forget about the entire embarrassing ordeal and so we believe attempting to forward these seemingly abandoned DIAPERS to her now would only cause more agony and create additional painful memories for her and we certainly wouldn’t want to increase her suffering or grief. It was only after the Lisa Nowak news story broke that we realized how extremely rare and valuable our discovery might soon become! Therefore, we decided we had to share our “priceless treasure” with others, and so we are auctioning off a piece of unforgettable news media history.

Ironically, her misfortunate infamous media spotlight launched your good fortune because you now have the opportunity to own a piece of modern day front-page news story historic memorabilia We are certain that we will have to keep at least one of these historic items to be displayed here at the B&B for our own future guests to enjoy viewing in person, However this ONE is being offered to you, so here is your chance to own a collectible part of unusual aeronautical news media frenzy history.

We will ship within the US and the shipping cost is $10.00, insurance may be added at buyer’s expense if desired. Payment in full must be received within 7 days of close of auction. We reserve the right to end this auction early since it is always possible that the person who “left behind” this item could perhaps return. For the winning bidder who might wish to pick up this item in person, we will even throw in a complimentary breakfast, or if traveling quite a distance we’ll also include an overnight stay for two at no charge, so why don’t you just plan on spending the night?

So HURRY!!! BID NOW, or else you might also get left BEHIND!!!

(We have been informed by ebay that we cannot designate a local non-profit organization as beneficiary of an auction nor list a charitable donation to any such non-profit charity that is not listed with mission fish, so we have revised our ad description to remove any such statements.)

Wilson House Inn B&B, Ocean Springs, MS (I-10 at Exit 57)

Lisa Nowak Diaper

Starting Bid US $1,999.99. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for nappy lovers.

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