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If Provocative Mudflaps Are Outlawed

posted by Chris Valentine

The Arizona House of Representatives took up the issue of provocative mudflaps on trucks – that is, mudflaps depicting images that might be deemed offensive. The House voted on limiting mudflap size, but refused to limit what they can say or depict.

Source: AZ Daily Sun

On a 31-19 vote the House of Representatives rejected a proposal to make it a crime to have images on mud flaps which are either obscene or hateful. The proposal by Rep. Ed Ableser, D-Tempe, said that the content of the mudflaps should be looked at, since children have been asking their parents to explain certain “images”:

“I’m not talking about that basic outline of the female body. There’s extremely graphic images which accentuates parts of the body and gives graphic detail as to what those parts of the female body incorporates. It’s also hateful towards women”

Talk about obscene mudflaps – take Yosemite Sam – he looks a little hateful and violent. We wonder if he would have been out of luck:

Mudflap Yosemite Sam

Instead, they seem to have been after this little lady:

Mudflap Girl

Democratic Rep. Theresa Ulmer of Yuma had supported the amendment, saying:

“I personally am tired of explaining to my 11-year-old son why they (women) are depicted on mudflaps, but not all women are 36Ds. He’s very confused by that”

Sometimes those naked-chick mudflaps also bear the legend “Haulin’ Ass,” which presumably ups the offensiveness factor.

We ran a search for mudflaps, and found out they also exist for motorcycles, this one with a more detailed stripper. We should like to email this photo to Theresa Ulmer to see her reaction.

Cycle Mudflap Chicks

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