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Volleyball Player Claire Kelly Sells Tattoo Advertising

posted by Chris Valentine

Australian beach volleyball player Claire Kelly wants to go to the Olympics very badly. The problem is that, before she and her partner Carla Kleverlaan can make it to the Olympics, they have to play events on the pro tour, which costs money. So, in order to raise enough money to make it to the London Olympics, Clair Kelly has launched the “London Olymp-ink campaign”, in which she will sell tattoo advertising space on her body.

For $10,000, an advertiser can “buy” a 2cm x 2cm piece of Kelly’s left arm, or for $50,000, they can buy a 5cm x 5cm ad spot on her right arm or shoulder.

Claire Kelly sells tattoo space

Kelly has gone on eBay to sell her tattoo advertising space:

Permanent tattoo / logos to help me and my partner pursue our dream of playing on the FIVB beach volleyball tour and have a chance to qualify for London 2012. Purchase price includes 24-7 branding, ongoing PR opportunities/creative marketing for your business, signed picture of the team, invite to actual tattooing and post event function, internet marketing, website links, logos and more. Please note the athlete retains the right to refuse any logo or business or picture that isn’t appropriate or remove tattoo after expiry of contract/ any breach of contract.

Ad Space on Arm

Your ad here.

Says Kelly about selling tattoo advertising space on her body:

I mean, a real tattoo of a business logo just so I can play pro-sport? Would seem rather crazy to most. But to me it seems crazy to not try to raise the money, to not try to do something that I have wanted to do for over ten years now. Train and play full time on the FIVB. Win a gold medal at the Olympics.

The actual tattoos signify something a lot more to me than just the money or the business. The tattoos signify having the courage to even attempt something bigger, having the guts to at least try. It doesn’t matter to me if people judge me if this gives me the chance to change my life.

Getting one or several real tattoos is one of the prices I am willing to pay to do what is I would really love to do. It’s all about breaking through my own barriers and stepping up to the next level.

Claire Kelly will get inked for Olympics

Let’s hope Kelly really likes her inked logos. We hear laser removal surgery is a bitch.

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