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Crazy Job Applications

posted by Chris Valentine


Crazy Job Applications

More and more people today find it very hard to find a job. They try and fail many times and for some of them this long and frustrating process leads to disappointment if they don’t have the help of a recruitment agency, such as Randstad. But others never give up and are creative enough to do crazy things in order to find a job. These people show others how persistency will be awarded in the end. Let’s see some examples that might inspire other job seekers to follow them.

Posting an advertisement about you on eBay is definitely a crazy thing. In order to get a chance, some people like Josh Butler eBay themselves. The strange thing here is that just like all other sellers of products and goods, future employers can check the positive feedback that will convince them about the reliability of this person. So in order to find a job, just write an attractive description of yourself and post your photo on eBay. There is a big chance that someone will call you soon. Hopefully you will be hired for legitimate work!

Another crazy idea implemented by Ed Hamilton is using Google maps to write a resume. This is an engaging and visual way to show people where you worked before and what your previous experience was. This option is very effective for people who have worked in different parts of the world to draw the attention of their future employers. Maybe “mapping” will catch on as a new curriculum vitae.

Creating a promotional site where the employers can come and apply to you is another great idea carried out by Andrew Horner. His website, “Reverse Job Application” encourages employers to interview for the opportunity to hire him in a crazy twist to normal procedures. Although many people write a blog and a site about themselves, a few of them have formed an idea to create a site where the future employers can apply to and convince the job seeker why he should work for their company. This reverse process will work great, just like it worked for Andrew, if you are creative enough to catch people’s attention.

Another idea that can be definitely determined as “crazy” is already popular and implemented by many unemployed job seekers. They purchase a spell from voodoo UK man, called Doktor Snake. The most famous of his spells and obviously the most sold one is “Voodoo Mojo Hand Employment Spell”. If you order such a spell, you will get a hand-drawn sigil made just for you that should be copied on your CV or resume before you apply for the desired job. When the employers go through your resume they will memorize this symbol that will burn into their mind till the moment they will decide to hire you. If you are sceptical that this may not work for you, the man who can up with the idea has profited greatly. In fact, he is in steady employment since the financial crisis due to his spells.

An original idea for receiving orders from interested companies is implemented by Liz Hickok from Georgia. She is skilled in elaborate Christmas decoration creation, so she decided to use her skills in order to show people her resume. Thus, her resume also lights up in different Christmas lights in her yard and attracts the attention of all passers-by.

Not all novelty job applications secure success. Jake Goldenberg tried bringing kids meals to the company managers’ when he applied for a job, which was resoundingly unsuccessful. He remained unemployed after several failed attempts., So think twice before buying kids meals. Maybe you may have a better chance if buying hamburgers?

Do you think it is crazy to spend $7,000 for renting a big billboard to advertise yourself? Pasha didn’t think so and she really paid the money to get a job. Well, she was not hired, but she started own public relations company due to the great number of TV interviews she had to give after her bold decision. Guess what is the main specialization of her firm? You are right, getting people billboards. That is how one unsuccessful try may turn into a business. Hmm..I wonder if there is a “spell” somewhere on that billboard advertisement?

Photo Credit: Creative Commons

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