Sports & gaming business can compete with a Bitcoin “buzz”

posted by Chris Valentine

You know, today only few persons do not know about online business in sports & game industry. And I sure that it can compete with a Bitcoin on a subject of its viral effect. Do you know how much income does the online gaming & casino industry generate in average just for one year? Millions of dollars. According to the European commission, gaming industry raised about $15 million/year and this number is growing faster than at the rest countries of the whole world.

So here we are. Let me consider about a certain profit that one separate unit of this industry (company) can raise. This number starts from $10 000 per month (minimal) up to $100 000 or bigger, in case the business is working at a stable pace and possesses a wide client CRM data base. But in order to raise this amount you should have sports betting software, Website, Mobile App and other online technical tools — so these are the most asking and tricky questions on the starting point. Are you still not sure about this issue or have you already Google for “how to start an online business”? Then scroll and read kind of helpful and directing information.

The gaming business is struggling to come to terms with bitcoin


As any other business, online business should be legal and registered as well. Registration is also should take place at the country where it is allowable by the law. As the practice shows, choose Germany, England or the Netherlands as far as they have a high level of communication channels quality. And actually, being a resident of other than those listed countries, you still have a right to register a business in them and it will not be illegal or law offensive.


Before you make an online sport & gaming business care about the technical tools and software. It is a core of every business, not only online one. You know a company that does not have a good web resource is at least strange and hard to be found. But building a sports betting software is not the same than creating a blog or landing. So the next issue is a third-party company that can do this for you or a team you gather by your own.

If you are not so aware of how soft building arranged, it is better to choose a company with a ready professional team that works on such soft development.


Care to have experienced programmers (or in a case of lack of money for the best ones, hire at least those who have a real case in their portfolio) who can record sports & games on a computer. The income and reputation of business highly dependent on it.

Promotion specialists. Your business will remain on the 5th page of Google search if you hire a bad employee. He should attract targeted customers to “electronic desks” as soon as they put this decision to search. This will directly affect the pace of the project.

What amount to invest?

Optimization according to your income or money-pull you are to sent on this business is the hardest question. More of this money will be invested into the software market. It depends on both worldwide name companies that offer this service, and more modest. If you order software from developers belonging to the premium segment, then you can open an online casino by investing at least a million dollars.

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