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Satanists Rally For Rick Scott

posted by Chris Valentine

Rick Scott is not well liked. The Florida governor suffers from such dismal approval ratings that even the Republicans who voted for him aren’t gung ho for him in 2014. So imagine everybody’s joy when it was discovered that Satanists came out in support for Rick Scott. The story was reported over a week ago, saying that members of the “Satanic Temple” were setting up a rally to commend Rick Scott’s “defense of religious liberty.”

Satan Rally Rick Scott

It has to do with the governor’s support of Senate Bill 98, which allows schools to let their students read “inspirational messages” at school assemblies. (Read the bill). Basically, it says that students can deliver inspiring messages without any influence from school personnel (read: prayer).

Lucien Greaves, a spokesperson for the Satanic Temple, said:

“The bill is something we felt we could latch onto. It does allow for an alternative point of view. [The bill reaffirms] our American freedom to practice our faith openly, allowing our Satanic children the freedom to pray in school.”

Greaves said that bills like SB98 allow alternative, marginalized religions to get more exposure. The Satanists-for-Rick-Scott rally, which took place January 25, 2013, looked like this:

So yeah, you can see how “real” the Satanist rally was. What’s funny is that sites like HuffPo fell for the hoax. The whole thing is part of a mockumentary called The Satanic Temple, which concerns “the nicest Satanic Cult in the world.” When seeking actors for the fake rally, the creators were looking for actors to wear “tasteful Satanic garb.”

So even though real Satanists aren’t interested in Rick Scott, the guy isn’t hated any less, having been compared to Gollum, Fred Krueger, Skeletor, and Lord Voldemort.

Rick Scott looks like Lord Voldemort

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