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10 Cool Commodore 64 Games

posted by Chris Valentine

I grew up in the 1980s, and all the kids in my neighborhood had Commodore 64 machines. We loved games. We traded them on the SneakerNet. They were 8-bit, running on 64KB of memory. Video (16 colors) and sound (3 channel synthesizer) were on MOS technology. The Commodore 64 used BASIC and the 1541 5¼ floppy drive, which took forever to load programs. I remember being very happy that I could finally trade up my 300 baud modem for a 1200 (and then a 2400!) Anyway, here are 10 cool Commodore 64 games we all played back then.

10 Cool Commodore 64 Games

LOAD “*”,8,1

Castle Wolfenstein

Oh, Castle Wolfenstein! Without you, would there have been a Wolfenstein 3D, and then Doom, Duke Nukem, Quake, Half-Life?

You know how people always contemplate what might happen if you went back in time to kill Hitler? Well, if you went back in time and killed Castle Wolfenstein, would you destroy first person shooters?


A bad-ass, vertically scrolling shoot ’em up that we played with gusto. Fun times with Commodore 64 games.

Flight Simulator II

Flight Simulator II

Thanks to subLOGIC, you will believe you can fly! And the Statue of Liberty looks so real!


Definitely among the list of 10 cool Commodore 64 games, this Activision release of Ghostbusters kept me busy for many hours. My memory of the game is a foggy haze of sprites catching ghosts with their proton packs, and having to hit the Q key, I think, whenever you were in map view and the ghosts formed that damned marshmallow man!


Oh man, I almost forgot about Gridrunner! It was like a weird version of Centipede, except there are two spaceships on the left and bottom of the screen trying to kill you. Love the sound effects too.

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